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It has been raining the last 2 days.


Our 70’s-80’s bid us farewell for a few days. Totally OK with that, no complaints. Could be snowing still, right? ;-) – while indoors though we have to find ways to entertain ourselves. Board games do become a must.


Can you tell our floors/rugs need cleaning? gag. I did vacuum last night but I need to heavily mop soon.

What are your favorite board games? My kids recently love is Monopoly Jr. Although Caleb wants to attempt the “real” monopoly… I however am not ready for that sort of board game commitment haha.. Going to teach the kids UNO today.

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  1. We love board games and don’t play enough. My adult guys still enjoy games. We may be doing that Easter afternoon ;) We love the old games like Monopoly, Parcheesi (spelling wrong), yatzee and a must scrabble. We also like Scatagories. I’m killing the spelling on them.

    We got 3 more inches of snow yesterday in the Detroit area thus breaking a record dating all the way back to 1880. I really didn’t need that record broken, just saying. But, they say were done now!!! Sun is out, just a wee chilly.

    P.S. I wish your Dad lived by me….we need stairs ;) Our Easter project is putting on new porch and stairs.

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