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I am debating taking a step away from my blog.

Like forreal.

Or maybe I should just take a step away from writing on it. To maybe just post photos.

I can’t seem to keep up with it all. The income is nice here and there with sponsored post… but it isnt a life changing amount either. I obsess over the stats and keeping up with daily post. Often wondering is it really worth it.

Once your babies grow up your stats tend to dwindle any how… unless you have a special talent that sucks people in… like the Pioneer Woman and her ability to post all those amazing recipes… or other bloggers who do make up tutorials or house renovations. Neither of which do I specialize in.

I love sharing photos… its my way of keeping a record of life. Just wonder if its worth it.

Social media too. Id say that more than my blog wear me thin. The constant need to keep up with everyone. Why? Why can’t people keep up with people like they use too…. by calling a friend or heck stopping by unannounced. I for one miss that. I wish more friends would just stop by unannounced… or shoot me a txt and say “hey, we’re in the neighborhood, going to swing by in 15, is that ok?” :) – as if Id ever say no. I dunno, sometimes I just miss the simplicity of life.

I was watching the show Call the Midwife on PBS. That show btw is awesome, go watch it ;-) – its on PBS right now every sunday… but also you can find older episodes on netflix. Such a great show. Note to dudes, you probably wont like it.

That show though and the simplicity of the midwives lives I long for.

I think in order to get to that simplicity I may need to let go of some of these not so simple “social” ways… and just be done with it. To stop using the “its for business” excuse and just break away.

The blog. Its a toss up :)

The social media. No question.

Just need to pry my face away from the ipad or iphone and be done.

… and enjoy more of this


and less of this…

Coco-cola nailed that commercial btw. Gah it was funny but man was it true and convicting. I don’t want to be like that….

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  1. I read your blog every day. I love the “real life” posts. I do understand the need to step back, but you just being real is great and refreshing to read. Just wanted to let you know :)

  2. may be you should plan your posts and stick to that plan/schedule. It must be hard to handle e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. but if you feel your heart is not here anymore, may be it’s time to move on. we’ll miss you… but in the end, it’s always what’s good for you, your health and your family…

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