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ED9A0741Do you ever have those moments in life, that consume you.

Things you have said.

Things said to you.

Moments that you may be anxious about.

Gaps in life that seem to come and go.




Lots of inbetween moments that as hard as you fight not to think about them, they consume you. To the point they affect your ability to live. These things can be small or huge… but what remains constant no matter the circumstance, is how it stays with you.

I was at a session yesterday… well a few actually. The photo of the luna moth was taken during my last session Saturday. Friday I photographed 2pm-8pm, lots of beautiful Boba models and cute babies. It was fun but oh so hot. By the time I got home my entire body ached and I wanted nothing more than to lay on some cold sheets and sleep. The next day I shot from 2-6:30 or so. The same feeling hit me as soon as I got home. Thankful for the work. It was fun and the models did amazing. Love meeting new people too from Boba. Always a pleasure. Inbetween it all though I found myself consumed with worry and anxiety… over so many things… a few in-particular that I can’t share… but one thing I know, is that it is no way to live.

I am finding freedom through each phase of life.

Each passing year.

To learn to stop.

To stop obsessing…
… and to stop being consumed.

Its no way to live.

I find peace in honesty.

Being genuine.

Learning to sit quietly in my quiet time spot and cry… yet know God has me and there is reason for it. Knowing we are refined…. and we grow. Through the suckage (is that a word?) we can be stretched and taught… and I am thankful for that. Coming to grips with my brokeness and my need for forgiveness… and learning we are each so different and finding joy in our differences, even when we don’t want 2.

We leave for almost 2 weeks on an adventure with our boys. We will go through TN… Ohio, VA, NC, SC and then back to GA. It will be a long 2 weeks :) – but I pray the Lord blesses me with the ability to not be consumed. TO live in the now. To love my boys… and realize these trips are few… and worth treasuring.

To remember to stop… and cherish those small moments. Like the luna moth on the tree. I didn’t have to stop and take the time to photograph that… but I did and oddly enough looking at that picture brings me a sense of calmness… in knowing God is here. He is present. Always.

Hope everyone has a smooth memorial day week… remembering those who have served our country….

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  1. I like this post Drea and totally understand. And, being consumed seems to be an issue through all phases of life. I am getting ready to order me one of Max Lucado’s books and it reminds me of this post.

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