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Snapping – New Church?

Its been a busy week snapping photos, organizing work… placing orders… keeping a home.
I try hard to balance my business and family life well. I have been in the place of taking on to much work and feeling burned out creatively…

I have been in the place where I can’t function as a mom because I am to preoccupied with my career. While at times it doesn’t feel like a career… more so a need… something I have to do to help make our bills… it really is a career and something I work hard at.


Thankful for the ability to have a flexible job.

With hours I choose.

I really have lots to be thankful for and being a photographer is one of those things I am thankful for.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday.

ED9A3545Today we have to attend a new church. Well, don’t HAVE too… but are having to choose to do so.

The current church we attend no longer offers evening worship. I remember when I was a Pastors Wife I very much disliked evening worship. Sounds terrible when I say it out loud :) – but after wednesday bible study, ladies bible study, church events on the weekend and normal church service/sunday school… the idea of one more service exhausted me. I don’t think evening worship is something every church should offer. Not having it opens the church up with the ability to reach out to their neighbors on a sunday evening more so than they would in church again. It gives leadership a break. There a pros to it.

For those however with jobs like my husbands. Jobs that you truly have no control over “having sunday off…” you depend on finding a church that offers those types of services. Travis will only have Sunday’s off every 6 mo. or so… So I guess the next month he will have Sundays off will be close to thanksgiving. :-\ – yeah, its a longggg while.

We debated for a while what to do. If I should just attend our current church with the boys and Travis do something else on his own… but we knew we had to do this together. Worship as a family.

So tonight we attend a new church. With some friends actually… and you know, it will be ok.


We will miss our Pastor and the familiar feel to the church we have been at the last 2 1/2 years… but this is a season we are in and we have to do what is best for our family. I do hope to still be involved with our current church… helping when I can with photography and still being involved with our sunday school and friends there.

I think what makes this decision so hard though is the fact that our current church did so much for us. When our church back in NC kicked us to the curb, asking my husband to resign because he “wore jeans…” or “preached hard messages…” First Baptist Woodstock took us in, gave us a home… loved on us… and helped us heal. No matter where we move… where we go to church, First Baptist will always be a home to us and our family.

One Commnet on “Snapping – New Church?

  1. What did I pick out of this whole post, the ridiculous and sad reason why you left NC. I have many unsaved friends and family and I struggle when I read stuff like this. In fact, if truth be told, I try to hide negative like this from them. I have a hard time understanding let alone explaining that yes, even churches and the believers inside make mistakes. We are not perfect. Isn’t is a wonderful, peaceful and hopeful thought that one day, we won’t have to experience or worry about any of it. One day relationships will be perfect.

    I am glad that you have found what helps you worship as a family. I am in the same boat in law enforcement and 12 hour shifts. However, my guys are adults now. But even still, it is hard on my hubby to head out alone.

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