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The Boys Room’s

If you read my previous post from yesterday. You will know where this post is coming from. I talked about how I am not a huge fan of a lot of toys kept in the house. We have some… but I have dramatically cut down the amount by at least 50% over the last year. My boys had way to much… and I found it caused more problems than anything… so to keep that much, made no sense to me what so ever.

My boys rooms are not elaborate IMO. When we moved into our home, we did nothing to the rooms. We did no painting. We didn’t by window treatments. We left everything basically exactly the same as the former home owners left the house. While I would love to pour some money into the boys bedrooms to make them a bit more personal and more eye appealing :) – right now, its not high on the importance list of ways to spend money; we’re trying to keep our financial focus on investing into more pressing matters. They don’t seem to mind thankfully ;-) – and their bedrooms function just fine.

So lets get to it….

First up, Taite & Owen’s bedroom. They share.


Each child has a dresser. The dressers we did label at one point when they had to learn where to put certain items of clothing away at… but now that they are a little older we really don’t need the labels. I sadly haven’t been able to get the sticky stuff off of Owen’s dresser yet. One day ill get some goo-gone and get to that. ;-) Both dressers we got for free from my parents. They no longer needed them. On each boys dresser we allow them to keep some favorite toy items to play with.


Taite’s hamster is also in his bedroom. You may or may not have seen Taite’s old hamster Pip go Viral on youtube. You can watch that HERE if you want. Pip has since passed… and with his passing, Taite got a new hamster Daisy. She is a Syrian Hamster though so a lot larger than Pip was… which created more hamster pee. Gross huh? Hamster pee a lot btw. Pip’s old cage (the smaller one under the big cage in these photos) was to tiny for Daisy. So I created a BIN cage for Daisy recently and we love it. Its light weight… was inexpensive to make… and easy to clean. Taite take’s care of feeding Daisy… playing with her and so forth. I do however have to help him clean the cage since Taite is still so young. Eventually though he will tend to his pet completely. Thats the goal any way ;-)

The small table Daisy’s cage is on, we got thrifted for $9.00. Its solid wood but moves easily thanks to the wheels it had already on it.


Taite’s smaller closet is full of a few favorite books. Misc. Toys. Bags. Belts. Etc. Not much really :)




We do allow the boys to kind of do their own thing with their bunks. These bunk beds we got in exchange for doing someone’s portraits. The family had to move to Costa Rica… so the beds could not go with them. It was a win win. Thankful for the beds they gave us. They are made in the USA and solid wood. Im a fan of solid wood btw ;)




As you can see. Those bunks are far from neat as far as bed making goes. Owen sleeps on the top and he is 4 years old. So you can imagine his ability to make a bed that high up is just not going to happen. On occasion ill make it for him, but it is not high up on my things to do. He doesnt mind it messy ;-) – Taite also has a habit of hanging blankets and stuff toys all around his bed. It drives me nuts but its part of being a kid. So I let him have fun and do it.


They also have a larger closet in the room. It holds some clothing items – extra blankets and shoes. Thats it.


Now onto Reed’s room….


When you walk into Reed’s room, this is what you see. :) Nothing fancy. A crib given to us years ago by a former church member in NC. The crib is old and has the dreaded drop down side… but it has given us years of use ever since Owen was a baby. Works great and our boys have loved it.

The bedding in Reed’s bed is so old. The sheets are Caleb’s old crib sheets. So going on 10 years old! They sport Classic POOH hah… I am so not into that any more… but those sheets are so soft because they are old, I just cant part with them. The green blanket was Taite’s, so its 7 years old… almost everything in that crib was passed down. Besides Reed’s knitted blankets (made special just for him by his Nana). The Fox he loves because it sings. It is from IKEA… and he has a few other stuff animals in the crib he likes to play with during nap time.

Reed’s room has nothing else in it besides a dresser (which was my old dresser growing up, so another hand me down furniture item). The mobile hanging up was given to us by Aliesha when baby Owen was born. :) The room has no decor other than that… Its pretty plain. One day ill decorate ;-) – I hope.



Now, Caleb’s room!


When you walk into Caleb’s room this is what you see. Desk and cages :) – between his bearded dragon… snake and crickets. It is a room full of boy-ness without a doubt. He loves his critters and I am all for it, as long as he tends to the animal care. Caleb takes care of cleaning all his animal cages. Feeding the crickets, dragon and snake. He also takes care of maintaining a clean room in order to properly organize the items needed to care for his animals. His one closet in his room (which I didn’t get a photo of has care items in it and a few shirts/blankets). Caleb does so well with this, if he didn’t, the animals would be gone. ;-)

The Desk Caleb uses to the left we got used at a yard sale for $3.00? – the red table we got for free from a neighbor (its solid!) – from IKEA. The Tank his lizard is in was also thrifted for around $6.00.

The Cricket Tank was also thrifted for $10 (new those types of tanks cost $50+). The dresser in his room (sorry didn’t get a full length one) Was also from my childhood, so given to us. The large red book shelf was given to us by the same lady who gave us the red table. It is also IKEA. We took out one shelf so it has room for Caleb’s snake lamps… the snakes tank was also thrifted for around $6.00.




Caleb’s bed we did buy back when he was 3 years old or so. Was under $200.00 though.. so nothing expensive. Its held up great to many moves. His bedding I got from ALDI’s one grocery run day for $20.00 (included 2 sets!). They’ve held up well too and look fairly nice I think. Caleb does a bit better at keeping his bed decent since he is older.



That concludes the dudes room tours. Again, nothing fancy. It functions for its purpose and we are so thankful for what God has provided for us. One day, when my kids are older, it will be fun to pour more into decorating and making it more my style. For now, this suites us perfectly.

To those curious btw, the little lamps clipped to the boys bed are also from IKEA. They love them!

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  1. Their rooms look great… perfectly suited for them :) And if I can just be honest, I doubt they will ever care much about having perfectly decorated rooms. You’re doing a beautiful job raising them to care about the important things in life and not so much the “stuff.”

  2. I love their rooms! It’s neat how you can see their own personalities in their spaces, especially Caleb’s. I like the wall color in his room too! And I think it’s so great that you all try to keep the toys and belongings to a reasonable level. We’re constantly working on that too! If you ever do want to try to get the gunk off Owen’s dresser, you may want to try lemon essential oil (test it on the back just to make sure it won’t discolor the wood). Citrus oils can really help cut sticky stuff and grease!

  3. Cute rooms!!! Ya know Drea, my boys are grown and they manage their own rooms now but it is still fun for me to walk into them and see their differences. As young boys, like yours, we kept it simple. Very simple. At one point, one of my boys was into space, stars, planets, etcc. My husband had a great time painting a slant ceiling black and putting upthe solar system that glowed. That was cool. But what wasn’t cool is when they outgrew that and we needed to get rid of black paint ;) LOL.

    Also, I enjoyed your finance blog a day ago or so. All makes sense. We thrifted what we could as well with our guys. And after getting ourselves into serious debt and digging our way out, we now carry the motto of if we can’t pay cash, we can’t afford it =) 5 years and it is working beautifully. Amazing all the stuff we really do not need.

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