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2014 Vacation – Day 1-3 – Creation Museum

ED9A1019-2Thought I would do these post in segments to help organize it a bit. We went out of town for almost 2 solid weeks… visiting Ohio to see the Creation Museum. Yes… its a long way to go… honestly not sure Id do it again haha… If we had a re-do Id prob. go to the beach or something instead… but our kids really wanted to go and since Kids are FREE all year right now, I figured this was the year to do it. Also the hotel we stayed at gave us two free adult passes (good for 2 days), so the entire visit to the museum was free. So you can’t beat that. Still, long drive. We headed that way 5pm on Sunday 2 weeks ago :) – after Travis got home from work. We arrive in Ohio at 1:30am!! ridiculous lol. We then had to make up a pack-n-play and then set up a sleeper sofa… as there was a bit of confusion with the hotel room situation. Lets just say the following day I felt like a mom with a newborn who needed sleep badly :) – we pressed on and saw part of the museum the 1st day… the rest the 2nd day. Truth be told. This museum is not meant for small kids. Its way to involved and if you go with kids under 7, you will miss a lot. Caleb was the only one really interested in reading during the museum… the other boys just wanted to rush through to see the dinosaurs. Its ok tho. We spent time together and had fun at the hotel pool, etc… Here are some photos…











We have no idea why Reed raises his hands during photos. Its so cute tho :)



He was a bit scared of the raptor :) – do you blame him?



I found the bug part of the museum fascinating. Although I hate bugs!



When I look at the bugs, I see so many amazing differences in them… such detail. God is so amazing. I have had a few people mention to me how they would never go to this museum because they do not believe in the “NEW EARTH” thing. Thats a huge debate right now. Is our world NEW or OLD… Has it been here for 1,000’s or millions? Its something believers and unbelievers constantly go at each other on… and honestly even Christians vs. Christians go at each other in regards to who is right and who is wrong….

My thoughts?

I think we serve an amazing God. A God who created each of us unique… A God who formed this world and every detail…. I do not believe we came from an explosion or evolved from apes or tiny cells. Got breathed into us life and I believe the Bible for exactly what it says.

I don’t know how old the earth is… but honestly I think so often believers get hung up on these facts and “things” that it does nothing more than cause divides. Im completely for educating one self… I for one am not smart enough to understand it all :) – I leave that for the PHD peeps and scholars who can grasp things I can’t. However… If my best friend believed the earth was a million years old and I believe it was 1,000’s of years old… it would be ok. As long as she had a belief in Christ… and who he was and what he did for us… and lived according to the scriptures… I could care less if she believe we lived in an OLD earth. I want my loved ones to know Christ. Not the age of our world…

Any how, thats my lil soap box.

Will post more vacation photos eventually :) Off to the pool now!

6 Comments on “2014 Vacation – Day 1-3 – Creation Museum

  1. I would love to go back to he creation museum! They had just opened when I went! I heard they were building a true to size version of the ark…. Did you see that? I had an odd question for you though! Haha! Ok so I noticed in the first picture it looked like you were walking across the parking lot or something and Travis was wearing Reed in the Boba… Then I noticed he was walking freely…. Then I noticed he was in a stroller! Ok so where was the stroller when he was in the boba? Did you go back to the car or did you bring the stroller with you anticipating that he may need it? Just a mommy logistics questions! I love wearing Natalie in my boba places- today I wore her all the way through Aldi. Sometimes though I want to wear her but then I don’t have anywhere to put her bag and my purse so I feel like I need the stroller too! Also is it worth it to buy one of those boba storage bags? Do you keep yours in your car?

  2. Hey Steph, well we went 2 days. So day 1 he was in the carrier part of the time.
    Then we let him down at one point to run around a bit. Then for the 2nd day when we did the walk through we thought it be nice to have the stroller. So we brought that instead of the Boba. He ended up walking 85% of the time tho! Hes growing up :( – he likes to be with his brothers more than anyone it seems. Enjoy wearing Natalie while you can! goes to fast.


    By Storage bag do you mean their diaper bag, or the stuff sack? the stuff sack is nice to keep the carrier in but I rarely use mine :) – the diaper bag is cute. I may have one you can have actually… lemmi know, i think the one I have extra of is Kangaroo. If you help cover shipping ill send it your way.

    Typically for my diaper bag when babywearing I use my skip hop shoulder tote or a small messenger bag that I make Caleb carry ;-D

  3. We have heard nothing but good comments about the Creation Museum and I know many private schools have done field trips. I probably would agree with you on age though. I, too, share your thoughts on how old the earth is. As my pastor would say, it is not an eternal issue. Meaning, whether you believe the earth is old or newer, as long as you know Christ as your personal Savior, it doesn’t matter. I have to admit its not a real issue for me as it is not my interest area, if you know what I mean. Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

  4. I honestly felt that same way until I realized that by thinking “it doesn’t matter how old it is” just meant that I was agreeing with worldly people and that I was agreeing that God’s Word is not completely true. And I believe it is complete TRUTH. To think that a human being with a Ph.D. is somehow smarter than the Creator of the world is just Satan trying to rob the Lord of all the glory for His creation that HE deserves! I instead educated myself and my family on creation science and I am very passionate about it now. When I share all the amazing things I have learned it does help others who struggle with believing the creation story. For one, my parents have now also completely changed their viewpoint to believing it was all God and His timing and not millions of years. I am not trying to be argumentative, just that this is my story, and how I realized that I was not standing up for God and that His word is the ultimate truth…even in Genesis. You can’t have the fall, and the Redemption without the beginning of it all. :) Loved this blog. And I love that you share life and your journey with us.

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