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21 Months Old – Baby Reed

ED9A4636Reed will be 21 months old very soon – or maybe 22 :-\ – its hard to keep track after the 1 year mark honestly… but if we round up, I suppose we could say he is almost 2. Hard to believe huh? Thought it be fun to do a little update here for my own personal milestone journaling on him.

Reed talks very little in english :) – he has his own baby language going on.

The only things I do understand that he says are.

Huh – which is typically what he says when you say his name.



Tay – for Okay


and he mimics almost any SOUNDS the boys make that make absolutely no sense.

He is a late talker… and you know thats ok. All my boys but Taite talked late. Almost age 3 before they really spoke well. I remember Doctors pressuring me on this so often with well baby checkups. Esp with Owen. Freaked me out! They almost made me feel like a failure as a mom when Id go in and they’d say “He should say this many words by now… he needs to be seen by a therapist if not.” – that sorta thinking just got on my nerves in the world of pediatric apts…. which is why I never go to them any more. I don’t think Reed has had a well check up since 6 months old.

Reed is doing great though. Gaining weight well finally. He still is on the bottle. Loves his milk.

He is a huge fan of GREENS and other veggies. If you throw him a handful of fried rice, he picks out the peas and carrots first. So cute.

Reed sleeps A LOT at night.

8pm – 9am most times.

He takes 1 nap a day. 1pm-3 or 4pm. Its crazy!

He took 7 mo. to sleep through the night… but when he started to sleep, he sure didn’t waste any time making up for those first 7 months :)


Reed loves the pool. Is a champ at diving under water.

His favorite toy is of course anything with wheels :) – he loves to push cars.

He is full of the most adorable expressions.

Easily upsetted by a “no” or rebuke. Funny how they learn what those are so early in life.

He SCREAMS his head off any time I leave him at church or with a sitter. Its pretty pathetic honestly. I have no idea how to break him of this :) – but we just say bye bye and wish him the best haha. They say he typically calms down after 5 minutes of tears. So sad :(

We love him so much and he could not be cuter. Even with his “photos” ops, he insist at raising that hand – love him.


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