Attempting to organize the school room some... Got a summer cold or allergies going on tho. Cannot stop sneezing! Hoping to get a nap while this wee one sleeps. #wishfulthinkingEver have those days that seems to just go on.

and on.

The type that your kids seem to be at each other, the baby is fussy for no real reason. The weather gloomy… and to top it off, a cold has invaded your face – making it impossible to breathe? That has been my sorta day today.

I just couldn’t do much of anything today without feeling completely bogged down and tired.

I got online for a little today… I will admit, I have been neglecting my blog. Something I do enjoy… yet as each day passes, feel a bit of distance from it… wondering why I do it… Yall have heard this before ;-) – my thinking its time to retire it. Take a break. A hiatus. Yet still coming back to it.

I have just heard from so many amazing women through my blog…. and while my blog is small… compared to the vast amt. of bloggers out there…. I still love the community it brings to me from around the globe. To those who have written, thanks you. To those who mail packages. So so sweet. Means the world! To those who comment and interact on here, instagram or facebook. I love it.

Blogging to me is so much more than just to blog my cute kids. While it started out as a means to communicate and stay in touch with family back in 05… it really became much more than that for me soon after starting.

Thanks to yall.

Im wanting to do more with my blog but unsure where to start.

Do you all have any ideas for post you’d like to see? Would it be weird to vlog some? Show videos of us doing every day stuff? does that interest you all any? I for one love vloggers ;-) – im a youtube fan as well.

Comment. Let me know. Would love to hear from you all. Esp. the readers who lurk and don’t speak ;-)



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  1. Gillian says:

    I definitely hope that you keep blogging but also understand that feeling of wanting to give it up! I’ve been reading your blog for years and it’s one of my faves. I love how real you are and how detail oriented your posts are, if that makes sense. I don’t really have any great suggestions but if you want to try vlogging, I say go for it!!

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Drea,
    Totally can understand about the feeling with keep on blogging or not. Mine is even smaller than your and i do not have many feedbacks and nearly was cancelling it myself. The. I thought i go to wordpress because i thought and still think that it is more flexible to add photos etc. To the posts. I needed some time before i wrote there much. Now i have writtenthe first posts and thought hey, how fun, i will keep on going, but again i suffering and have not written for some weeks and do not know to keep on or stop it?
    I like the way you are writing your blog and do not have any new ideas for it. If you like to do vblogging why not? I would not mind it. Oh, one idea i have got why not aske the boys whether they like to tell you something about you can write? F.e. A book they liked, a board game they like and why or a place they have been? Or their favourite food?
    PS: i will give my very best in future to give more often a comment here because I know myself how frustated it is when nobody answers to your post.

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