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Bug Off – 2 Ingredient Bug Repellent Recipe

Essential Oil Bug Spray Recipe

ED9A5147 copyI have posted bug repellent recipe’s before.

This however is by far the easiest to whip up.

What you need:

All you need is NAN’s BUG OFF essential Oil
A GLASS Spray bottle (4 ounce)
Filtered Water


To make it just put 15-25 drops into the 4 ounce bottle of water. Shake well before each use. Apply as needed to skin. You can also just apply this neat (undiluted) to your wrist… maybe the back of your neck. Ankles. Any place like that… it is VERY STRONG and should deter the bugs just by itself. For me though, spraying it onto kids is way easier than dabbing it onto ankles and wrist :) – so spray bottle it is. **It btw was brought to my attention you should not apply most oils neat to children. I DILUTE all my oils. If you as an adult wanted to use this one neat though, you could. I still suggest diluting all oils with a carrier oil before any use.**

For those curious the ingredients in BUG-OFF – here they are: Citronella, Cedarwood Himalayas, Lavender (Hungary), Peppermint, Eucalyptus radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora Thyme, and Lemongrass.

Many NATURAL Bug Repellent recipes I see call for all the essential oils listed above separately… So if you are rather new to essential oils and like me don’t have all those listed ingredients… just buy Bug-OFF and it will take care of that recipe for you all by itself. A little goes a long way. This has also been said to be used to treat lice as well. I’ve never had lice though so I cant vouch for that.


Oh and be sure to use “wood10” at checkout over at Native American Nutritionals or Rocky Mtn. Oils (same company). I love their oils! To see a list of oils I recommend CLICK HERE.

To end… wanted to list off some information that some may not be aware of… or just try to ignore. I for one have tried to ignore the facts… because its just easier to…

Most outdoor bug repellent contains something most of us are familiar with. DEET. We spray it all over our kids and most of the time, don’t think much of it. After all, its better to spray a chemical on us, than be eaten alive by mosquito. Right? While I am not totally knocking the use of deet… I am sure in the amazon jungles or 3rd world country jungles, the use of a SUPER STRONG chemical filled deterrent, is appreciated. However, on our young children…. we should look into this “deet” a bit more, before using it.

Here are some stats for you all:

Significant Toxicity caused by Deet in children reported symptoms of lethargy, headaches, tremors, involuntary movements, seizures, and convulsions

….. In cases of significant DEET ingestion in children, impairment of gait, loss of muscle control, loss of consciousness, hypertonia, tremors and seizure.

….an 18-month-old girl ingested an unknown quantity of Mylol® (10% DEET), she was admitted to the hospital. She was irritable and in an opisthotonic posture, suffering from periods of shaking and crying. Her muscle stretch reflexes were depressed, and her head control was poor. She was in the hospital for 6 weeks, in which her condition improved slowly.

An 18.5-month-old female who was sprayed with Deep Woods Off!® (20% DEET) daily for 3 months developed weakness, ataxia, uncontrollable tremors and increased drooling. DEET was found in the child’s urine, and her white blood cell count was elevated. She improved after treatment with corticotrophin 3 times a day, and her condition improved to full recovery within 3 months

A 6-year old girl was admitted to the hospital with periumbilical tenderness, ataxia, and brisk reflexes of the ankle and knee. She had been exposed to a spray containing 15% DEET over extensive areas of the skin on more than 10 occasions. On the fourth day of her hospitalization, she became agitated, combative, and increasingly disoriented, with increased serum ammonia levels. Her condition deteriorated and she died 8 days after admission. Autopsy revealed that the child was a carrier for congenital OCT deficiency, which could have predisposed her to toxicity as a result of extensive exposure to DEET.

A 34-year-old expectant mother, while working in Africa, applied a lotion containing 25% DEET daily to her arms and legs apparently throughout her pregnancy in addition to taking chloroquine. She did not suffer complications during pregnancy. When the child was born, however, an antimongoloid slant of the palpebral fissures, hypertelorism, thin lips, poorly developed philtrum and a broad nasal bridge were observed. The child developed statomotor retardation, muscular hypotonia, central hearing loss and strabismus in the first months of its life. It was concluded that the use of DEET might have played a role in the occurrence of the reproductive effects.

In another study of DEET use during pregnancy, two mothers who were sisters gave birth to two male infants within 2 weeks of each other. About 8 weeks into their pregnancies, the women went on a camping trip with their spouses. The group used large amounts of insecticides and the insect repellent Off!® to control flies and mosquitoes. Both children had heart problems which led to congestive failure and diagnoses of coarctation of the aorta. One of the boys died after 38 days, and the other survived.


So…. even though deet works at warding off the bugs… for me, its not worth it.
Id rather use something natural… that may not be AS GOOD as chemical filled repellents, but is a heck of a lot better for us. Check out the reviews on BUG OFF when you go to the website. Lots of great success. Enjoy! :)

5 Comments on “Bug Off – 2 Ingredient Bug Repellent Recipe

  1. I actually used your coupon code to order some of NAN’s oils. I settled on their brand after months of researching so your code came just in time. Thank you!

    By the way, the drops of oil come out REALLY fast. I can’t seem to get just one drop without several more coming out. I found this with all the bottles I ordered. Is there a better way to handle the bottles?

  2. Hey Nancy, yes the bottles can drip quiet fast when pouring. They do sell tops that drip SLOWER, however ive found with some oils its TO slow… each oil has its own thickness… sounds weird but I find lemon oil not as thick as others. SO it drips crazy fast.

    Heres the small cap drip package -
    Its relative cheap. So nice to order a few.

    For using oils tho I find roller bottles THE BEST to use.

    I mix all mine into those :)

    10 drops per roller bottle, the rest fractioners coconut oil (also sold on nans website)

    My kids can handle the roller bottles way better too… and since i let them put them on their feet and such on their own, its a must for me.

    Not sure that helps :)

    Try using the coupon code again, it may work twice! So you can get those bottles.

  3. Just got directed to all of your amazing posts about essential oils, and I can’t wait to try some of them! My daughter is only 1.5, and it looks like she is too young for me to use this bug spray on her bc of the eucalyptus and peppermint.

    Any other suggestions for bug prevention at her age that don’t include those two oils…she gets eaten alive by mosquitoes whenever we go outside here in Texas!

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