DIY Bin Cage

DIY Bin Cage for Hamster

As you all know, we have a few pets. One of those pets is my son Taite’s Syrian Hamster. We got her from Petsmart for $10 bucks. Very inexpensive little pet… with proper handling they can be quiet friendly.. you just have to get them use to you. My son apparently is the hamster whisperer though… he is amazingly good with animals esp. small ones :) – and for some reason they never bite him. Who knows. Any how… Taite’s hamster Daisy was a bit to large for his smaller hamster cage he kept his former Hamster Pip in – you know the lil dude who went Viral.

I saw lots of cages at petsmart and other local pet shops for hamsters Daisy’s size… but all of them had low bedding areas with bars (which will result in lots of messes. Hamster borrow and make beds in their bedding, which creates an over spill… such a pain!)… or they had a ton of tubes and cheap plastic that looked easily cracked or broken. Not to mention the price tag was over $40.00 in most cases. No thanks. I didn’t have much luck on Craigslist either.

So I decided to make a bin cage.

ED9A1921Here is what you will need:

1 Large Plastic Bin with lid
(Walmart $6.00-10.00 depending on size)
Flat Screws (tiny ones, with out the pointy end, should be flat)
Nuts (that go with the screws)
*got all 3 of those at walmart, very cheap!*
Chicken Wire *from lowes – get the smallest holed one they have*
A Jig Saw (we borrowed our neighbors)
Sand Paper (to smoothe edges)
Screw Driver *to put screws in tight*
Magic Marker or Masking Tape
Wire Cutters

***that seems like a lot!! it really wasnt though. We had most of these things on hand… so it wasn’t much work to gather all the supplies***


1. Take your magic marker or masking tape and mark off the area’s you want to cut out with the jig saw. You want to put an opening on both longer sides of the tub as well as an opening up top. This way hamster gets air circulation throughout the entire cage. Make sure you place the side cut outs higher up, so to avoid hamster bedding spillage ;-) – I think I placed ours at least 3.5 inches up… if not higher. Daisy who is pretty big cant even reach them when stretching… so they are pretty high up.

2. Take a match or something and heat up one of those flat screws or a sharp metal pointy object to poke a small hole at the corner of where you want to begin using your jig saw. This is just an easy way to get the jig saw in place and get to sawing. Saw slowly once you start to avoid cracking. It takes a little bit of time but is fairly easy to do.

3. Once cut outs are done, take sand paper to smoothe edges you just cut…

4. Take screw driver and drill holes around the outside of the cut out you just made.


5. Place chicken wire (pre-cut to the shape you need) *I did this before hand, once I knew how large my holes would be* – use the screws/washer/washer/nut *hope that makes sense!* – screw on tight with your hand (got back later with screw driver once everything is in place, to make sure things are tight)

6. Place hamster stuff inside and you are done.

I hope that made some sense. There are TONS of fun tutorials online you can find with VIDEOS on how to do this. Some of them say you can use a box cutter to cut the plastic. Dont even try. It does not work. Find a friend with a jig saw and use that instead.

This cage has been great. Its light weight.

Easy to clean.

Large enough for Daisy.

So much better than any hamster cage we’ve ever used otherwise.


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  1. As a mom of many, many hamster over the years (we really liked the teddy bear hamsters), this is genius and I wish I would have thought of it. Through the years, we had one cute story with happy ending. We lost a hamster. We tore the house apart and came up with nothing. Absolutely nothing. We had a funeral and moved on. Several months later, the boys and I are spending time in basement, me doing laundry, them playing and I hear a loud scream. A happy scream. I go over and check and sure as sure, they are holding long lost hamster. He had distinct colorings and it was him. =) Now that they are all adults we still enjoy reliving this story.

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