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Pixie Hair Journey Update – One Year?

Thought it was time to do a pixie hair update! If you have followed me for at least a year, you would have been around for when I donated 11 inches of hair to a Cancer Foundation. The long locks went fare well, onto a better use, hopefully… while I got to sport a fun pixie for many months.

Flash Back.


I am super bipolar though when it comes to my hair. I get bored easily and often times want a change. So, it comes to no surprise I am growing my hair out again.

Here is a side by side update of the hair as of today. I posted this on instagram [@dreawood]

These are all 8 weeks apart: so far right 16 weeks ago. Middle 8 weeks ago. Right today. I see progress! #growingoutapixie #hairjourney

Left to Right. 16 weeks ago – 8 weeks ago – This Week

SO as you can see, there is progress! Inbetween growing out my hair I do wear clip in extensions by Irresistible Me (coupon code to the left on my side bar). It has been a lot of fun to have those to switch things up a bit. On certain days Im totally cool and content with my hair right now… but some days I wake up and want long hair again. So the extensions are pure “fun” for me :) – and just a little treat for myself. I don’t lavish in myself often, so its just one way to do that without to much hassle.

After feeling cruddy for two days I actually woke up feeling normal today. So why not have fun and use my #extensions :) always fun. This little man always seems puzzled though as to why mommys hair gets long over night ;) @irresistiblemehairofficial #irr

Inbetween the growing out process, I am also trying to grow out my bangs again. Yall, what a battle. Who knew bangs could create such a love hate relationship within one self hah… I seriously love bangs! love them. I just hate the upkeep they bring! I am having to trim them every 2 weeks to keep them maintained…. and going to a stylist to have them trimmed every 2 weeks just doesnt work for me. I am to busy. So im sick of messing with them and going to “Yet again” grow them out. :::I am sure ill fail::: – keep me accountable? ;-)

On days I don’t wear my extensions, I tend to braid back my over grown bangs into a mini french braid. (I will post a tutorial on how to do it below) – its easy to do, works really well on greasy hair… and keeps hair out of your face on those hot summer days.

Here is an idea of what it looks like:

This is my #gotosummerhair - part hair on preferred side. Do a rather harsh part. Then French or Dutch braid down the front pulling up bangs and pieces of hair along th front: then use a small hair band to tie off braid. Pull hair back in pony tail or bun

Here is the video of how to french braid your hair into a side part:

Skip to the 5:55 minute mark to get to braid portion – her entire video is cute though….

If you are on Pinterest, follow my “enjoying locks” board. I
pin hair styles I may want some day ;-)

Cheers to easy braids and pony tails for summer – fun with extensions… and embracing the growing out process that comes with growing out a pixie. I can officially say now though, my hair is no longer a pixie ;-) – and since it is to the collar bone, I think that count as “a medium length” hair style, don’t you think?

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