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Well today I am officially over 30. One step closer to 40? :) hah….

Thought it would be fun to take a look back towards high school. When I hit 30, I automatically thought of the movie “13 going on 30.Thirty, flirty and thriving. I am sure some reading will know what movie that is and actually like it. I’ll admit. I liked it.

When I saw that movie years back, my life even in my early 20’s looked nothing like the woman in the movie at 30. She was single (for the most part)… focused most of her attention on work… and the only real stress she had was drama with her best friend at the time and boy trouble.

Can I just say. I am glad that isn’t me at 30 :)

When I first became a mom – I was only 21 years old. Caleb was born just a few weeks after my 21st birthday…

Most of my friends at this point had either just finished with their associates degree… or just finished graduating high school (I had some friends who didn’t graduate high school until the year Caleb was born). I was one of the only people I knew in my class, who married at 19 years old and began a family at 21. Intentionally :)

Here is a photo to go way back….


I was 15 years old in the image on the left. The image to the right was taken Friday.

When I look at myself at 15. I remember being happy… yet so unsure of who I was. At 15 I struggled a lot with my self image. I had eczema on my arms and legs… and avoided showing my legs… ever. I use to wear panty hose with my bathing suit yall… that is how fearful I was at what others would think of my eczema. My eczema today is still the same as it was then… just maybe not as flared, since I take care of my skin better now as an adult. I learned throughout the years, that no one is perfect (duh, don’t we all know this?). No one has perfect skin… and no one was going to dislike me because my legs weren’t as silky soft as some or picture perfect.

Throughout my 20s parts of me still felt uneasy some times, when in shorts… or bathing suits… but after having kids, my worries over my legs became the least of my worries. What the heck happened to my stomach LOL!!! No one was meant to be perfection… and coming to grips with something so easy to say and understand… took years.

I’m thankful the Lord grew me and I no longer worry *most of the time* about things that do not matter. I flaunt my eczema now without a care… and you know what, no one notices or ever says a word. If anything, I get complimented more than I can on my “beautiful skin” so people say…

I just find it sad that I spent so many years worrying about those small things as a young girl.

I would not go back to my teens for anything… but if I could go back and take what I know today with me, life in high school would be a lot different.

I had so little confidence in high school.

I was a bit of a loner… yet seemed to get along with most people. I wasn’t the nerd… or the weirdo…. yet I wasn’t popular either. I was the artsy girl who kept quiet and ignored most of what was going on around her, just to get through the day.

Not to many fond memories of high school here sadly. I did have a few close friends who I still keep up with today. They know who they are. I was thankful for them….

Travis and I met a year after the above photo was taken.

Travis and I both have grown in so many ways since our journey began together.

Life as a teen wife… and young mother, stretched me in ways I could never imagine.

Throughout it all, I have seen God faithful in so many ways!!

So, even though life may not be as the movie “13 going on 30” portrays. What I do know, is life at 31… with 4 amazing dudes… and a wonderful husband of almost 12 years…. is more than I could have ever asked for.

Thankful to be 31 today.


With a home full of healthy children.

A strong marriage.

A beautiful home.

Freedom in Christ.

and… well, can I be vain and admit I am pretty darn proud of how I have aged LOL. Can I say that out loud without seeming self righteous? Im as far from that as can be… yall who know me, know this. I look at myself today though… and while I have areas I physically do not like. 4 babies will do that to anyone. I truly believe I have aged gracefully… and I am thankful for these boys keeping me young and my moms amazing Panamanian gene pool giving me youthful skin haha… and very few grays! Ive only seen 2. Ever :) woo!

For those who wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook. Thanks… yall are so sweet. Forgive the no replying. Its part of my facebook fast ;-)

Heres to one step closer to 40… and another amazing year.

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