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DIY Hand Sanitizer

DIY Hand Sanitizer using Essential Oils


Homemade Essential Oil Handsanitizer |
If you have kids. You use sanitizer. Its a must. So why not use amazing essential oils with tons of benefits besides germ killing, in a DIY Hand Sanitizer recipe… Its easy to create and SO easy to apply. Way easier than the gloppy booger consistency of most sanitizers.

Here is what you need:

2 ounces Witch Hazel (use alcohol free with aloe for better smell if you want. Not a must though. I just used cheapo walmart witch hazel, since it is all I had on hand… may look into a nicer brand later on.)

5 drops Immune Strength Essential Oil

5 drops Lemon Essential Oil

3 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil

1 – 2 ounce Glass Bottle w/ Spray Pump


Mix all the above ingredients into your glass bottle. Shake before each use. Store away from sun (I keep mine in a essential oil bag – which ill share on maybe next week – its a cute etsy bag I found. Im in love with it!). Spray onto hands, rub together. Thats it!

You can even spray it onto grocery cart handles.

High Chairs.

Table Tops at restaurants.
(I would be careful if you plan to spray this on a NICE WOOD TABLE. Because it has lemon oil id be scared it do something to the finish. So take that into consideration. Tables at a local pizza joint or something like that I am sure will handle it fine.)

Its really easy to use since it is in a spray form.

Hope you enjoy!

Homemade Essential Oil Handsanitizer |
To those curious why my essential oil bottles have different labels. I asked the company directly about that just this week. I was curious myself. The white label bottles are older labels they had printed. The green ones are newer labels (sometimes they are different colors too btw, not all the newer labels are green in color…). There was a point where the company was growing so fast…. that they ran out of the newer green label bottles and had to use some of the older label bottles to keep up with demand. They hope very soon to have completely new labels and so everything will match and be the same across the board. The difference in labels does not affect the quality of the oils bottled though. Its merely cosmetic ;-) – I figured some may notice this though in the above photos and ask what was up. So there ya go. My mini intel on what the deal was with that. Knowing details like that though makes me love the company even more. They’ve been nothing but upfront and honest with me from the start.

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3 Comments on “DIY Hand Sanitizer

  1. This helps Drea. I’m waiting for your contest to be over and I want to buy some oils but such a newbie to this. So any recipes using oils is awesome for me. I assume you get the cute little spray bottle from Walmart or that type store as well.

    1. Hey Susan. I got the glass bottle from a local shop here called The bread beckers… they sell them super cheap there. $2.50 or so for the bottle. You can find them however online… ebay… etsy shops… or I think thats the website. Aroma tools shipping is so high tho… I didnt order from there for that reason… A local shop to try would be Whole Foods. They typically sell glass bottles like this too. Or The Fresh Market. Hope that helps :) – I have like 4 of these and love having them around for various spray recipes. I use these for my bug spray too.

  2. Hi, Drea! So I just totally read ALL your posts on DIY essential oil stuff and I’m ready to start making my own sprays! I ordered a few things from Rocky Mountain – loved their website and prices :)

    Thanks for all this help!

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