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My Essential Oil Bag – How I stay Organized

Essential Oil Bag

How to organize and travel with your Essential Oils

Soon after getting into the world of Essential Oils, I realized rather quickly the need for a way to organize them. I had a cute little box to keep all my oils in at home. However on the go, I have found you want oils often. Because the price of oils does cost a lot… you don’t typically want to carry your oils with you in their neat form – aka undiluted… as a whole. Otherwise, if you loose that bottle, or break it, you are out a good bit of money. Especially if that oil is Frankincense or a more expensive oil.

How to Organize Essential Oils into a Bag for TravelThe owner of the company I am featuring today, created her bags after that very thing happened. She went on a park trip with her kids… used Frankincense while there… only to forget it and lost the ENTIRE BOTTLE at the park. She knew at that moment she had to be more careful and organize her oils in a safer way than just tossing them into her diaper bag or purse.

SO from that birthed her company “OurHHH” also known as “Our Happy healthy Home“.

Her site is full of adorable hand made bags to fit your Essential Oil needs. What I liked best about her bag options, are the many options she has for organizing them to your needs. Your bags can be custom made to fit the size bottles you want to carry. So for me, I typically carry ROLLER bottles. Some are 5ml, others 10ml. The bottle itself though is a lot narrower than the traditional 15ml bottles my oils came in. I also wanted to be able to carry ONE glass bottle (2oz) in order to store my spray on hand sanitizer. Along the top of the bag I also wanted to have small bottle spots for 2ml bottles to keep oils I dont typically ROLL ON.

Jennifer at OurHHH customized my bag perfectly!

How to organize and travel with your Essential Oils

How to organize and travel with your Essential Oils

How to organize and travel with your Essential OilsI LOVE how it came out and now keep and organize all my oils in this bag. The bag is very well made. Padded, so if you bump it against something, the bottles aren’t at risk to crack. The quality really is well done.

My kids know now that any time they need an oil to go to this bag, rather than my box full of the larger bottles of neat oils. The bottles are now all labeled using Young Living’s oil top labels. While I don’t use Young Living Oils, I found their bottle top labels to be so cute, I had to get some. So I use those to label them even though I purchase all my oils from Rocky Mountain Oil company AKA NAN Oils. Read WHY I chose to use RMO/NAN HERE.

The size of the bag as you can see placed next to a 15ml bottle of RMO Oils, is not to big. The bag to me is the perfect size.

For those curious on the break down of how many drops per bottle I use. This is roughly how I break my oils down.

5ml bottles – 10 drops, the rest with carrier oil.
10ml bottles – 15 drops, the rest with carrier oil.
2ml bottles – 5 drops, the rest with carrier oil.

My favorite Roll Bottles are these. Jennifer sells those as well as the 2ml sized ones. She also sells the spray bottles! Her prices are fantastic. I have not found many sites cheaper than her. So if you plan to buy a bag from her, go ahead and stock up on some great glass bottles.

How to organize and travel with your Essential Oils

So lets get to the fun part.

I get to giveaway a WINNERS CHOICE BAG!

The bag I am using btw is her TRAVEL Bag. It cost $30.00 (you will not find a better price bag, or cuter! Trust me, I’ve looked all over.) She also makes some smaller bags as well. Just take a look around her store for her various sizes. Also if you don’t see a fabric you like, message her. She has a page with fabric swatches to choose from.

For the giveaway, all you have to do is follow Jennifer on Facebook. If you do not have facebook, no worries. There are other ways to enter below as well.

Winner will be randomly chosen in a week.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with an OurHHH bag to conduct this Giveaway. I however would have purchased this bag in a heart beat had I not been given the opportunity to review it. All the opinions expressed in this post are my own. The oil roller bottles/smaller bottles I purchased on my own.

5 Comments on “My Essential Oil Bag – How I stay Organized

  1. Thanks Drea. Very helpful to us newbies in the oil world. I will be checking out Rocky Mountain website again today. And the bag is very cute. Signed up for the give away.

  2. I’m so curious as to what you use all of your different oils that you would travel with for? I’ve enjoyed learning about some that you’ve shared about, and even bought the one that can be used as bug spray after your review about it :)

    1. Hey Laura, I use lots of oils while out traveling. Handsanitizer is a big one for me – so that is kept in my bag, it is made using the oils. Also I use peppermint a lot for any time I get a head ache or the kids. It has happened more than once out and about. Any time a kid falls I can use Melaleuca as an antibacterial… or if a kid gets a bug bite lavender… and so forth. Lots of great uses for them while out.

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