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Not Florida but it’ll do

We found a fun little oasis to take the boys to this week. We went Wednesday on Travis’ off day… and plan to go again on Friday (his 2nd off day). The boys had so much fun. The weather was perfect… and the water felt like bath water.

Here is a little glimpse into our evening… I took along my point and shoot cam… not my norm. I feel naked without my Mark 3… but when you go to sandy places with lots of kids, the idea of toting around a lot of gear is less than ideal ;) – so lil canon g9 it is!




Sorry random bikini mom for capturing your back side :)













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2 Comments on “Not Florida but it’ll do

  1. Ahhhh! Beach time (or bathing time?) is always pretty in summertime isn’t it? For me it always feels like a little vacation.
    Well, probably have to do with the fact that I am living inside the country. But I have found out a small town (maybe even only village) that should be only 2 and a half hours away from us. It would be the closest beach place for us. Anyway in abput two weeks when my sister and will have vacation we will dive up there and find out. Really looking firward to it and really hope it is possible to make it there for only one day!
    PS: i have posted a few pictures of our journey to the coast fat my blog perhaps to check them out.

  2. Well shoot, I think the camera you used took awesome pics ;) Looks beautiful. I love beaches where it is shallow. Good for little ones and for us adults that just want to sit in it.

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