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Essential Oil Athletes Foot Salve

Foot Salve

*UPDATE: I have had a lot of people interested in BUYING the salve already made. For those interested in buying this, I am selling it for around $35.00 a jar. A little goes a long way. Cost of ingredients is not cheap, nor is the cost of oils… so I had to factor all of that into the cost as well as the time to make it. If you are interested in buying this already made e-mail me at pw.drea[at]… I make this as I get orders… so the processing time for an order is about a week. I have been making this for many since this post went up… and the testimonies I get are so encouraging to hear. Here is ONE I clipped from my e-mail and another HERE. Thank you all for the amazing feedback. I am glad this recipe has helped so many…

The recipe is here for any one to use and make themselves though. Just offering it already made for those who don’t have the oils and want it sooner than later.

Learn how to treat Athletes foot cream using Essential Oils. This mom used a homemade salve and cured her husband Athletes foot problems in under a week.
My husband as you all know is a cop. One of the things that he has to do as a cop, is wear tight non-breathable cop combat boots. They are tied up his legs and look so uncomfortable. His feet sit in those boots for countless hours, 5 days a week… in very hot conditions. SO you can imagine, the sweat build up is probably generous.

Travis over the last YEAR has been battling what we believe to be Athletes foot… He has tried over the course of that year to treat it with over the counter creams geared towards this issue. They offered little relief and never fixed the problem.

The other day almost 2 weeks ago, Travis told me to look at his foot… and I was just shocked at how gross it had gotten… So I told him I would look up in my Oil Copal’s book, to see if I could create a blend for him to try and use, to treat his foot.

Below is the recipe I made him, as well as a side/side photo of Travis’ foot before the use of my salve… and not even a week later. He said for the 1st time in almost a year, his foot doesnt itch. Lets just say, he was so thankful the oils worked. My husband has been skeptical of essential oils since I started getting into them. However, he has now become a believer :) – The photos of his feet btw we took with our iphones. So the color is slightly cooler in the before. I did not edit or alter these photos in any way. This is straight from my iphone – no filters.

Learn how to treat Athletes foot cream using Essential Oils. This mom used a homemade salve and cured her husband Athletes foot problems in under a week.Ingredients:

10g beeswax or jojoba wax
20g coconut oil
45g shea butter
1 tsp EVOO or Almond Oil
3 drops Gentle Healer EO (first aid is a cheaper alternative)
3 drops lemon EO
3 drops thyme EO
6 drops oregano EO
6 drops melaleuca EO
6 drops lavender EO


In a double Boiler add in your beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter. (or just get two pots – one large at the bottom, one small on top of the large – fill the bottom one with water, bring that to a boil…and wah-lah you have a DIY double boiler hehe)

Once that is melted (be sure not to over heat it, you do not want your oils boiling…) take the pot off the burner.

Stir in your EVOO or Almond Oil.

Then add in your essential oils.

Pour your mixture into a glass jar and you are done.

Learn how to treat Athletes foot cream using Essential Oils. This mom used a homemade salve and cured her husband Athletes foot problems in under a week.
This makes a good amount but should keep for a long time as well. I stored mine in a small glass mason jar (the tiny ones that some people use for spices).

Once it hardens it will look like a thick balm… you then would just use your hand (fingers) to get out what you need. It should kinda feel like butter… and when your hands (being warm) touch it, it will melt slowly. Just rub it into your feet twice daily until symptoms pass.

Hope this works for you all! Also if you do not have all the above oils, try making this with the oils you do have. You don’t have to have them all to attempt something like this. This is just what I used and it worked… so I am sticking with it :)

Disclosure: The above post contains affiliate links for Amazon and RMO. I was not paid to write this post. Thanks for the support.

38 Comments on “Essential Oil Athletes Foot Salve

  1. You are so good at these stuff. How I wish I have the talent and passion for these too, because really, they’re good. All natural. Do you have some ideas for kidney cleanse and rashes?

    1. Hey Pia, good to hear from you! This would work well on rashes but im not sure about the Kidney Cleanse. There are lots of great oils tho with so many benefits. I would just suggest checking out the Rocky Mtn Oil website and look around. You can even call the company or email them specific questions… they will then write you back and let you know what oils they suggest. :)

    1. Hey Dixi,
      From what I understand Gentle Healer is a a lot better than First Aid because of how much Healicrysum Italicum it has in it. Forgive my spelling if I spelled that one wrong :) – First Aid for example this is the listing of ingredients: Rosemary, Tea Tree, Clove Bud, and Helichrysum italicum. – if they list according to “contents” of product in each bottle, I would just have to assume that First Aid has much less Helichrysum in it. Where Gentle Healer only has Helichrysum and another oil called Floraha. I actually emailed RMO a long time ago asking what that oil was… and here was their response: “”” Floraha is an absolute, not technically an essential oil, but almost. It has to do with how it’s extracted. People often debate whether to call it an essential oil or an absolute. But this oil has healing properties in an of itself. “”” – So for me, having a blend with just Healichrysum Italicum in it and Floraha was much more beneficial for what I wanted to use Gentle Healer for, than it would be to have First Aid. Its a bit pricey but you dont need much and a bottle should last you a very long time. Ive had my same bottle for almost 6 mo now and I still have 90% still in my glass little jar :) – and ive used it quiet a bit! Hope that helps.

  2. I would very much like to order this from you. I tried your email but it said it was invalid. Please help. I need this!

  3. hi! I am interested in making this salve for my athletes foot. I am supposed to go to schlitterbhan in new braunfels for my 21st birthday next weekend and j am looking for something to help with my athletes foot. When you list the ingredients you have g next to some of them like 10g of beeswax. What do you mean by g?

  4. I am interested in purchasing the foot salve for athletes foot. What method of payment do you prefer?
    Thank you for sharing your recipe. My husband has the same issue.

  5. Hey, can you email me about your product, my dad has athletes foot and I’m wondering about your salve.

  6. Why is the thyme included? I have everything but this and am wondering if it would be effective without it or if I could substitute another oil.

  7. left foot thumb always has a burning sensation and I am diabetic. Would that oil you mentioned for athletes foot help me.

  8. Hi Drea thanks for sharing the recipe. Can I ask if the foot salve is safe for toddlers? 3yo
    Please let me know? Thanks Kelly

  9. I made your foot salve 1 week ago for my hubby’s feet. He has suffered from awful cracked, athlete’s feet problem for many years. We have used over counter problems that didn’t work well. In one week, we have seen a difference already. His feet are soo bad, I expect it will take at least 2 batches to heal his feet. I also used in on my toenail fungus, it is working great also.

  10. Amazing results on mine and 14 yr old daughters feet (hers cracked and sore)
    I’m currently trying it on 7 yr oils molluscum warts that have come up- yuk, fingers crossed!

  11. Hello there! I’m very glad to see you found something that works for him. You had said you thought it to be athlete’s foot and I wanted to let you know it’s not. What that is is called dishydrotic eczyma. Give it a look up on the net and see if that describes it as what he experiences. I had this issue since youngster and thought athletes foot also because it comes and goes. Several years ago went to dermatologist and he said athletes foot is between the toes. Looking at his foot it looks exactly like what i get.

  12. This is working for my husband’s feet! I mistook my lemongrass EO for the lemon, nut it’s still doing its job! My husband was trying to persuade my 16 year old to use it. My son said, “I already have afoot spray.” My husband came back with, “The stuff that Mama made is way better! That store stuff didn’t work for me, but this is! You need to try it!” Thank you, so much, for sharing your recipe!

  13. Just made this! Anxious to see if it kicks my athletes foot! (No pun intended..) Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  14. This has worked better than anything we have ever bought or been prescribed by a doctor. My husband and I both use it. I had a place in the bottom of my foot and now it is almost completely gone. I hope it works on my toenail fungus that I pick up at a nail salon! I’ll report back with my results. Thank you Drea!!

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