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What Essential Oils should I get?

Essential Oils

What Essential Oils should I get? This is a question often asked by many new to Essential Oils. I still feel very much a newb myself… but I am learning lots the more and more I dig in. I love Essential Oils now and despite being a skeptic prior to purchasing my own, I now can’t imagine not having them. We use them daily.

What Essential Oils should I gave? A beginners guide explaining what oils to start with and why.

I’m a fast learner though and have gotten the hang of using them fast and so enjoy it! It has changed how I treat ailments, cuts, bruises, rashes, sickness, cramps and so much more. Could not be happier with my oils and think anyone who digs into them will be hooked. It in the long haul is so much cheaper than co pay after co pay at a doctors visit… or prescription after prescription being filled. While some times there is a need for those things, more often than not, you can treat it at home with Essential Oils.

So lets get started :)


I use this A TON. It is probably one of my favorite oils… although I will admit, prior to essential oils, I wasn’t super keen on the smell of lavender. Weird I know. Most women love it :) – Im more of a citrus fan though and so the smell of lavender or any scent that was floral, made me think of grandmothers shirts. Not a bad thing, just wasn’t me. However, this lavender is just amazing and I cannot get enough of the smell.

So what is Lavender good for?
The answer. TONS!! Here are a few things….
What Essential Oils should I gave? A beginners guide explaining what oils to start with and why.

• Is often used as a cosmetic water and to scent linen.
• Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. Is great for all skin types.
• Will help you treat insect bites and stings, as well as lice and ringworm.
• Good for washing minor cuts and grazes.
• Can use for mouth abscess and cankers.
• Reduces stress and tension. Is calming in small amounts.
• Balances mood swings. Is mood uplifting.
• Purifying to the body and works as a disinfectant.
• Boosts your immunity and helps you lesson allergies, asthma, tonsillitis, colic, and flu.

I love to diffuse Lavender with Lemon together as well. Such a great combination.


This is another one that isn’t really my “favorite” smell, but its uses are endless and the smell isnt “bad” – again, just personal preferences in scents. I use peppermint often and for that reason, and its great benefits, ill ignore the peppermint scent it obviously has.

Some uses for Peppermint…

• Can help cure headaches and migraines.
• Helps treat heartburn, indigestion, nausea.
• Key oil for treating vertigo.
• Also helps with motion sickness.
• Can help treat liver problems.

The headache use for me is golden. I often get headaches [life with four boys.. its a given]. As silly as it sounds to rub peppermint on your temples and back of your neck when a head ache strikes, it in the end always helps. If you have severe migraines though, check out RMOS Migraine Relief Oil.


Otherwise known as Tea Tree Oil. RMO sells two different types of Tea Tree Oil btw… I actually found out the difference for you all…. Thanks to Alex Curtis (one of my RMO contacts who answers all my crazy questions)

“”” Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia): Known as the “miracle oil” it is able to fight or kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Melaleuca (Meleleuca quinquinervera) also known as Niaouli, and Tea Tree are very similar. Their properties are very much the same. Melaleuca is more mild and more universal, which makes it better for every day use, and for use on children.

For preventing fungi and bacteria, Melaleuca is best. For killing off fungi or bacteria, Tea Tree is better. “””

Because I have young children, I went with Melaleuca… Either one would be great and if you can afford both, get both :)

Here are some uses for Melaleuca…

• Great for boosting the immune system, increasing white blood cells, immuoglobulins and antibody activity.
• Helps reduce swollen glands and has been known to act as an adrenal stimulant.
• Can treat Viral Heptitis, reinvigorate a sluggish liver
• Great for the digestion system and to treat ulcers or intestinal parasites.
• Great oil for acne, boils or insect bites.
• Great for sanitizing

Clary Sage~

My go to oil for period cramps! I have horrible period cramps, almost crippling… In fact they use to be so bad, that I had to get a prescription for a narcotic! No joke. I hated that. I did not want to go down the road of fighting perscription pain med addiction. I was so thankful for Clary Sage and what it did for my cramps. I lather this oil on religiously during my cycles. I also have RMO’s Feminine Aid and use that as well. Both oils are great. Feminine Aid has more in it, so if you want something with a bit more punch, you may like that one best. I like having both tho, since Clary Sage does have lots of benefits besides warding of the Period Demons. Also for those wanting “period crampy” oils, check out cypress too.

So what benefits does Clary Sage have?….

• Well, its a GREAT Antidepressant Oil! Great to use when dealing with strong emotions. (fear, stress, anxiety)
• Can help overcome exhaustion and help with sleep.
• Use this during the later part of pregnancy (never the early stages) to help stimulate contractions.
• Its great for a sore throat or bronchitis.
• Can help sooth asthma attacks.
• and of course, amazing for cramps.

Immune Strength~

I use this constantly on my children. Perfect for warding of the germie bugs…. and I also put some into my home made hand sanitizer. I put this in roller bottles so that my children can apply it easily to their feet before going to church or any really public setting. We have not been as sick since this oil entered our world. For that I am very thankful!

So what all can it be used for?

• Helps support tons of functions in the body. Adrenal. Nervous. Circulatory. Respiratory. Digestive and even the Lymphatic System.
• Helps protect against viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and other microbes.

With fall upon us, stock up on this now to get you through the colder months. Its such an amazing oil.

Sports Pro~

If you work out AT ALL or have a husband. Buy this oil :) Such a good one for sore muscles. My kids also use this a lot if they ride their bike to much or pull something while being a crazy wild child in a tree. Sometimes when I have to sit for a long time too, my neck will give me some issues along the side tendons. This oils helps to relieve that almost immediately.

So in short… this oil…

• Helps to relax… calm and relieve tension from spastic muscles or sport fatigue/stress.
• Great anti-inflammatory and can asst with broken bones, sprains, muscle or joint discomfort.

What Essential Oils should I gave? A beginners guide explaining what oils to start with and why.
*we had fun making an oil tower. VERY CAREFULLY hah…*

Bug Off~

If you have children who play outside… or you yourself enjoy the great outdoors. Buy this oil. I just love its smell but more importantly I love it keeps bugs away. It is even great for keeping ants away!!

You can read up on how to make your own bug spray using this oil HERE.


My go to calming oil. I use this at night behind my ears, in a diffuser or on the back of my neck. I love it for calming me at night as do my kids.

• Great for depression and easing anxiety.
• Helps with stress and tension.
• Balances and stabilizes the emotions. Calms worries.
• Helps with hyperactivity in children.
• Great to diffuse in classrooms to help children focus.


Everyone likes lemon. That is probably one of the most popular oils. That and lavender. I love lemon and it truly has so many uses. It also is probably the cheapest of all essential oils.

Here are some uses….

• #1 oil for treating gout.
• Helps with digestion
• Throat problems, colds, bronchitis.
• Can help with circulation issues, nose bleeds, varicose veins.
• Is a good oil for treating cellulitis and obesity.
• Great for treating nervous conditions.
• It is a great air disinfectant.
• Due to its drying nature, Lemon is good for treating acne.
• Very similar properties to Lime and can be used interchangeably.

(I also have lime, its similar but I still would rather have lemon over lime if I had to choose…)


Sacred Frankincense~

One of the oils of the bible. There is a reason Frankincense was given to baby Jesus. This stuff is incredible! IT IS NOT CHEAP. It is very expensive but one of those oils you will love and enjoy for a long time. Also just so you know, RMO has one of the best prices on this oil that I have seen and the quality is amazing.

I put Sacred Frankincense into my Lotion Bars as well as my Whipped Lotion. It is so good for the skin. Sometimes when I cleanse my face at night using the Oil Cleansing Method, I put a drop of this into my jojoba oil. I’m 31 years old and can honestly say I have no signs of crows feet. ;-) Some of that could be genetics but I like to think a good part of it, is because I take care of my skin.

So what can this oil do, it better be worth it after all ;-)

• Incredible Immune Builder. Can be used to treat lymph congestion, which helps your immune system run smoothly.
• Can help treat asthma, bronchitis, larangitis, colds and flu.
• Amazing for the skin! Great for ulcers, blemishes or scars.
• Can smooth out wrinkles or be used as a tonic to all skin.
• Balances the skins oil. So if you have oily skin problems or dry skin problems, use this!
• Amazing for dealing with cancer. Helps to support your treatment as your immune system is fighting.
• Great for reproductive and urinary difficulties.
• Great for use during childbirth, to ease labor pains and decrease PPD.
• Great for treating nightmares and helping to fortify the mind.
• Can be used to help dogs fighting cancer.
• Can be used to treat leprosy (did you know this still exist!?)

It is such a great oil. The smell too is different yet kind of addicting.

Gentle Healer~

My favorite and go to oil for burns and boo boos. I use this stuff any time my kids get hurt. Or I get hurt. I burned my arm the other day and used some gentle healer on it, within just a few hours the burn looked dramatically better.

Ordered an oil called gentle healer that contains helichrysum italicum. It's amazing! Burned my arm pretty bad with a griddle spatula and applied this oil. About 12 hrs later this is how much better it's gotten with the oil. Def a believer! #essentialoilHere is an image of it to the right. Forgive the color difference in them. One of them I took during the day, so it was brighter and warmer. The other one was taken inside, so its colder. Same arm tho ;-) – promise. This oil took the sting away right away as well.

Why is it so expensive? and what can it do?

The Essential Oil in this, is called Helichrysum italicum. It is one of the hardest to grow and one of the most powerful available. They say the cost of this oil will DOUBLE over the next 5 years. Its that saught after and amazing. Helichrysum (heel-i-chhh-sum) by itself cost around $170 a bottle. SO expensive. It is actually the owner of the RMO Company, Paul Dean’s Favorite Oil. He has a testimony on his youtube where he used it on his sons finger (after his son put a cut so deep it needed around 10 stitches). Instead of stitches he used this oil. Within like a day, it completely healed the cut and kept his finger together. Its amazing at skin regeneration.

• Great for repairing and regenerating new tissue.
• Helpful for treating old or new scars.
• Can help stimulate new cells and repair connective tissue, particularly nerve endings.
• Amazing pain reliever.
• Great at fighting infection.
• Reduces inflammation.

For those curious what Floraha is in this blend. I found out for you [ Thanks Alex ] :) – “”” Floraha is an absolute, not technically an essential oil, but almost. It has to do with how it’s extracted. People often debate whether to call it an essential oil or an absolute. But this oil has healing properties in an of itself. “”” – having both these oils in one is awesome together and while you may not be getting 100% Helichrysum Italicum in this blend, part of it is Floraha. Together they make an amazing team and if you are like me and on a budget. Invest in Gentle Healer and enjoy the benefits of Helichrysum with a better price tag.

Breathe Ease~

This is such an amazing oil to have for anything respiratory related. I have used it when my kids had chest congestion or problems breathing through their nose.

Here is a look at the uses…

• Stimulates the regeneration of lung tissue. Helps to strengthen the lungs.
• Great for treating bronchitis, pneumonia, flus and colds. Esp. those with coughs or sore throats.
• Can help sooth fevers and sinusitis.
• Works great to expel mucus and reduce inflammation.
• Great for anything viral, bacterial or fungal.
• Stimulant to the thymus and a great immune booster.

If you have young kids who battle croup or anything related to breathing… get this oil. Any time my kids get a stuffy nose or throat related cold, I diffuse this constantly.

What Essential Oils should I gave? A beginners guide explaining what oils to start with and why.


Considered a HOT OIL. So dont put this straight onto the skin. I did that once, learned my lesson :) Now, I do not have warts but from what I have been told, this is the best oil for removing warts! While we do not have warts going on in this family, we do have used this oil to treat Athelets feet and it was amazing! You can view that post HERE and download my Athletes foot Salve recipe as well. The photo to the right shows my husbands foot before using Oregano (which is in the salve I made up). It took 4 days to heal his foot from a VERY stubborn case of Athletes foot. It is amazing stuff and needs to be in everyones collection.

So what else can it do? besides heal warts?

• It has helped some treat migraines.
• It can help relieve facial tics.
• Rebels insects. I think it kill them too if you sprayed it haha. Its so strong!
• It can help treat infected cuts and wounds.
• Oregano helps treat edema and cellulite.
• Can help relieve gas. excuse me. Flatulence :)

This oil btw is also known as ” Wild Marjoram

Tummy Rub~

Ever deal with a kid throwing up?? or upset stomachs? This is your fix. This oil is so good for treating digestive or intestinal issues.

Any time my kids complain of a tummy ache, this gets used. If my kid is fighting a stomach flu, this is used.

I get carsick often, this is what I turn to. Between this one and Ginger, I’m set.

SO lets see what else it can do….

• Great for treating gas, bloating or colic!
• It can help you treat jet lag.
• It has help some people neutralize nervous tension, anxiety, and stress.
• Great for nausea or motion sickness, morning sickness…
• Has been used by many to treat Crohn’s Disease.
• Great with relieving intestinal discomfort aka diarrhea.


I spoke about this oil briefly this week already. My 7 year old uses this oil every night to help him not wet his bed. I love this oil and the smell. Although the smell from the bottle smells weird, when applied it smells woodsy and great. Total boy oil ;-) although has lots of other uses besides helping with bed wetting.

It also is great for….

• Whooping Cough, asthma and other respiratory issues.
• Helps regulate the female reproductive system. (I use this with clary sage some times)
• It is great for men’s skin-care regimen. It helps tone skin.
• Great benefits for urinary system. (hence using it for bed wetting issues)
• Helps when treating varicose veins.


I cannot praise this oil enough.

“””Rocky Mountain Oils’ Vetiver is the key essential oil used to treat ADHD/ADD issues. *A 2001 study done by Dr. Terry S. Friedman M.D., A.B.H.M. showed that smelling Vetiver essential oil twice daily improved the performance of children with ADD and ADHD by a tremendous amount.”””

I apply this to my boys during schooling… to help them stay focused. I also use this at night some times to calm them.

Here are some other great ways it can be used….

• It helps balance the Central Nervous System.
• Repels moths and other insects.
• Relieves pain
• Increases physical strength

I will say, I am not super fond of the smell. Its a tolerable smell but does take some time to get use to…

Okay. So I think that is it as far as favorites go so far. I think starting out with those is a great start! However if you want to choose just a few. Start with “Peppermint, Melaleuca or Tea Tree, Lemon, Lavender and Immune Strength.” Those to me are key!

I look forward to adding to my collection of oils. I love what I have but def. would not mind a few more :)

A few other things I think everyone needs when starting with Essential Oils…

1. A GOOD diffuser. Although if you want a cheaper one, this is one we use for Caleb in his room. Great for kids, just not as nice as the RMO Diffuser, which I LOVE!! I have both the small and big. Both are amazing.

What Essential Oils should I gave? A beginners guide explaining what oils to start with and why.2. A case to store your oils in. I got my storage case at Goodwill for $1.00 (photos in this post show it)! It may not have a cute little foam divider in it, but it works for me. There are lots of storage cases on ebay or other essential oil tool websites. So look around and have fun finding a place to keep all your supplies. I will say, finding a case that is DARK is important. While the bottles RMO oils come in are already dark, its important to store them in a dark place as well.

3. A travel case to store your oils on the go. This is a post I did on the one I use. I LOVE IT!

4. Roller Bottles – I LOVE Rocky Mountain Oil ones. They cost a bit more than most I have seen though… but out of all the roller bottles I have (I have 3 different kinds) – they by far win the prize for my favorite.

5. Fractionated Coconut Oil or a blending oil to use when diluting your oils. I use the RMO Coconut oil. Its a great price and if you plan to buy some oils any way, just include that in your order.

6. An Essential Oil Book – I turn to the RMO Copal book A TON. Although with the internet as free and open as it is, you could easily find out what oils are best used for what ailments on the web. However, I like having a book handy that can work with or without the internet handy.

I think that is about it. :) Not sure if this post was helpful. I get a lot of questions from people randomly throughout the week about oils… so I figured I would write this up in hopes of answering some of those questions or directing people to this in the future.

I am no expert on oils…. I am learning right along with everyone else :)

One thing I do know though is that I love Rocky Mountain Oil Prices. I love that I can buy when I buy, without a certain quota. I love that their shipping is inexpensive and completely reasonable. I love that their company is built off integrity and providing completely pure and amazing oils… with no synthetics. I also really love how helpful the company is, ANY TIME I have a question.

Hope yall get to enjoy and experience the world of oils some day too :) – totally understand its a budgeting type of thing. It is not cheap to start… but once you get a good stash going, keeping up with and re-orders is not nearly as painful ;-)

*To those curious why some of my bottles have different labels. You can read up as to why HERE.*

*All the information regarding oils, I got from the Rocky Mountain Oil website. They are a great source of knowledge. Go look around :)*

*Read my post on how I dilute my essential oils.

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  1. Can I get more details on your cypress oil/bedwetting protocol? How much do you use, how often does it work successfully, and what else do you do to help him stay dry? Thanks! ~Laurie

    1. Hey Laurie, sure! I have Taite (who is 7) rub it into his belly button and along his pant line. He also puts it on the bottom of his feet. Took a solid 2 weeks using it every single night for it to finally start kicking in. Its good stuff!

  2. Thanks for the more info, I will be printing and putting on my frig…..I am still playing with my sample oil pack from Rocky Mountain. My issue, it is all so very new. So like anything else, I have to learn it into me….remember to use them…like a new routine…hard to explain. In other words, I find them sitting on my dresser not getting used. I will keep trying =)

    1. I think with smaller kids you def use oils more often on a daily basis. I dont use a ton on myself day to day, just occasionally. Like today Ive used cypress, clary sage and feminine aid because im battling serious cramps (oh the joys of being a woman) – also diffused gratitude (didnt mention that one in the post, its growing on me but not my fav) – was feeling a bit stressed this AM and figured I needed some uplifting oil in the air ;-) I use lemon in my surface cleaner too to clean the kitchen. So lots of uses for it, just got to be intentional to remember to use them :)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this!! Heehee, I’ll be printing it and adding it to my fridge too! You were so right that I’d now be hooked and we all definitely are! The attention awareness oil has been a godsend! And please tell Taite that I appreciate you posting about the bedwetting; Bryce (my 7 year old) is the same way and he was (and I) super thrilled when we read about what y’all are going though/doing. Can’t wait to get it!! heehee, and more. ;)

  4. I just purchased the Migraine relief, but am confused about one thing. Do I use this oil as is, or do I have to mix it with a carrier oil? Would love some help on this :)

    1. Hey Laura, you can dilute the migraine relief. I dilute all my oils. Even their blends. If you buy their roller bottles. Typically what I do is put 15-20 drops into one of those bottles (of the essential oil, so in this case, your migraine relief oil) – I then fill the rest of that roller bottle up with fractionated coconut oil or another carrier oil like jojoba oil. :) Hope that helps.

    2. I’d dilute it down :) i do this with all my oils when applying them directly to my body. Even their blends like migraine relief. Let me know how you like that one btw. It too is on my wish list.

  5. Thanks so much for your help! I got a roller bottle and the coconut oil, so I should be good to go :). Appreciate your help so much!

  6. I use my oregano oil for nail fungus, works amazing (1/2 drop under nail when I go to bed; it you get too much under the nail, dab it off, like he said IT IS A HOT OIL). I also love my geranium oil. I dilute it in oil (about 3 drops to 1/2 ounce of your favorite oil) and put a dab on my crows feet at night. It actually smells like roses too!

  7. Excellent article on essential oils. A couple of points…

    RMO/NAN sells three kinds of Melaleuca. Cajeput (Melaleuca leucadendra aka Melaleuca cajuputi) is the third. RMO/NAN source it from Viet Nam rather than from Australia, like the other two.

    It’s not “Floraha” but Foraha (aka Tamanu, Calophyllum inophyllum) that’s most of Gentle Healer. It isn’t an absolute, which means retrieved with a solvent. It’s pressed out of dried nut kernels removed from the fruit. It’s not an “essential” oil because it isn’t essential to the plant living. Rather, as are many other carrier nut/seed oils, it’s there to feed the seed as it grows into a plant that can feed itself.

  8. Thanks! Just so you know, I’m a big fan of the migraine relief… Helps our family a lot when it comes to bad headaches and migraines :)

  9. Hi! Came across your post today because I’ve been using Feminine Aid and I really do see a huge help. Question… I use mine every day, a couple drops rubbed on my lower abdomen. Do you mind sharing your routine for using it for PMS/irregular periods and cramping?

    1. Hey Meg. I mainly use Cypress, Clary Sage or the Feminine aid. I will use it on my abdomen when my period starts. Off and on all day. I also put it onto the bottoms of my feet. Thats pretty much about it :) I also do take ibuprofen if my cramps are really bad.

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