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Reed’s 2…

Hard to believe that it has been two years since sweet baby Reed entered our family.

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IMG_0011He was a precious surprise that came to us during a time of such uncertainty. For those who follow my blog you know the journey…know that when I found out I was pregnant with Reed, Travis was unemployed…. we had just gone through a huge trial with job-loss, a church badly hurting us… and in the midst of heavy counseling in a program called City of Refuge. The timing of it all made no sense at the time… but boy am I thankful for him now. What a blessing!!

Reed brought a lot of challenges for me. I battled really bad PPD with him… its amazing what our hormones and no sleep can do to our minds. I was a mess!! I had to be medicated… It got that bad. Reed did not sleep through the night until 7 mo. of age… he was up every 3 hours. I tried it all, nothing worked. We had issues with him having sensitivities to dairy… and because my milk would not let down (I now know it was all tied into my emotional state with the PPD), we had such a hard time getting him to gain weight… and I remember that 1st year being so so stressful. Once he began to sleep though and eat food… things became much easier. Even in the hard times, this lil dude, was a joy… and oh so precious.



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It took Reed over a year to really start to get hair :) – was so funny when he finally did.










Reed at age two does the best he can to keep up with his brothers. He is all boy… but still so so SO attached to his mama. Although I will say, he is pretty darn attached to his big brother Caleb. The relationship they have is more precious than words. It melts my heart every time I see them together… and the bond they have is just so dear to me.

Reed sleeps a lot (FINALLY). He goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps until 9am. Yes please ;-) – oh man what a blessing haha… some mornings he sleeps even later.

Reed still naps 2-3 hours a day as well. Typically from 1-3pm.

He is a tad picky when it comes to food…. but when he finds something he likes, he eats a lot of it.

At 2 he does still use a pacifier… and a bottle. It is one of those things that with my 1st baby, I was so strict on. No Pacifier. No Bottle after age 1. Funny how years and 4 babies later changes things. They are only little once and I am all for letting them soak that up…. to a degree ;-) – we are weaning baby Reed slowly… but Im in no rush to make him grow up.

Love him…

Love his sweet cuddles….

and even tho at times I feel unable to get away, him always wanting me is touching… and I love it.


Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Reed. Can’t believe you are two… its gone way to fast. The Lord blessed us so good when he decided to surprise us with such an amazing little dude.

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  1. Awh, what a cutie. Amazing how our children all come with different personalities to boot. Love how different my guys are. Your youngest had some type of iron deficiency at one point, I thought….no problems with that anymore?

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