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Don’t Blink

Westin Hotel

westin peachtree plazaOne of the first places we went after moving from NE NC to Atlanta, was to Centennial Park.

I had never really been to Atlanta… I think I came once on a youth trip many years ago when I was maybe 15… but besides passing through on our way to Florida as a kid, Atlanta was never a place I had seen. So when we moved here, we dug right in and made our way to Centennial Park.

We moved here in August 2011.

Doesn’t seem that long ago. Then again, it does.

On that first trip to Centennial, I took photos. To remember.
Little did I know that those photos would be a remembrance today of just how fast my boys are growing…. and how incredibly blessed I am with some amazing young men.

Today I took my boys to the Westin Hotel very close to Centennial Park (within walking distance). Caleb loves learning about buildings… and has been studying this particular one for some time… so I knew this was something he greatly wanted to see again. After a doozie of a New Years Eve… and feeling like a terrible mom… I wanted to make it up to Caleb especially… and treat him and his brothers to a morning out in Atlanta.

Around 9:30am we made our way there… hit NO traffic (yay!) and found a decent parking spot only a block or so from the Westin.

The joy that read across each of their faces was priceless and worth every penny I paid to get them there and back.

While we scoped out the SunDial Restaurant, I had flash backs to that August 2011 trip to the same spot….. Memories began to come back as the boys walked back and forth… as Caleb gently picked up his little brother and put him to the viewers…. and held his hand as we got into the elevator…. I remembered how not to long ago, Caleb was the one being picked up….

It was bittersweet for me and I am just so thankful for these boys. As annoying as they can be :) – they bless my soul beyond words.

Here are some memories….. then and now.


The above images was taken back in 2011…. Caleb was in awe of the elevator that shot up 72 floors.


Now he enjoys watching his little brother gasp at the clear windows and large view.



At the top of the elevator you found spots to see the view. My boys quickly gathered.

Here 2011… Taite and Caleb together checking out the skyline.


and now today… all four of my boys lined up together, on their own. Growing so fast.



Caleb depended on us for height…


Now we depend on him.



Below we could see our car :) – This fascinated the boys, because it looked so small.


With any trip there are always bumps. Little Owen had a temper at a request for a photo :)



Nothing new with a 4 year old. Its their way or the high way it seems.

He acted as if he wasn’t impressed. His expressions read otherwise.


Reed discovered lots of things to touch… and we of course had to see the toilets.
After all, they had to be flushed and water and pee traveled 72 floors down – boys love knowing these things :)

ED9A4080 ED9A4087


Caleb’s smile and joy blessed me :)


Taite equally as much.


& Even tho heights scare me and make me sick to my stomach.


It was worth all 4 times up and down for these dudes.


Yes… 4 times >.< - forgetting coats added on a few trips. ED9A4066

& to end we made our way to Kia Atlanta… where we enjoyed KIDS EAT FREE day… checking out with a few goodies in the end as well and some cinnamon rolls to enjoy at home. Thankful for yesterday. The Lord knew I needed it.

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