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How to Blend/Dilute Essential Oils

Diluting Essential Oils

essential oil dilution chartI thought Id do a quick essential oil post tonight. I just got a shipment in the mail with the Essential Oil Calming… (It smells amazing! Its suppose to help with anxiety and sleep. I will keep you posted on how I like it). I then sat down to dilute my new oil and it reminded me how I had many emails from you all wondering how I dilute my Essential Oils. What bottles I use, what ratio, etc..etc…

So I thought I would type up a quick answer to those questions and also provide you all with a printable Oil Dilution Chart! :)

So first question.


GLASS ROLLER BOTTLES (my favorite): A local store nearby my home called The Bread Beckers sells clear roller bottles for essential oils. Most of the ones they sell are 10ml. I have a good number of those and like them pretty good. I also have a few roller bottles from Rocky Mountain Oils, that are a darker amber color. While I don’t really think that matters much, I will say, the ones from Rocky Mountain Oils roll easier and smoother than the ones I got from the Bread Beckers. There are tons of listings for “roller bottles” all over the internet though. Feel free to look around and find a deal that suits your pocket. Just keep in mind, cheaper glass, does break easier. Ive broken some cheaper glass bottles before :-\ – and that is never fun. So invest in some nicer ones if you can budget it. I also believe Roller Bottles are THE WAY to go for using oils on young children.

GLASS BOTTLES WITH DROPLET TOPPER: I own two different glass bottles with the droplet topperthe BLUE ones from Rocky Mountain Oils. I love them and actually order up extra any time I place an order for some new oils.

I also have some small 2ml Glass Bottles with Toppers from an etsy shop. Its the same etsy shop that sells the cute Essential Oil Bag I use. Be sure to check out her shop, its adorable!

You can also recycle your old bottles. So if you run out of an oil, save that bottle and reuse it!

4oz. GLASS SPRAY BOTTLE: I use these for my hand sanitizer, boo boo spray or bug spray. They are the perfect size for travel and little hands. This one even fits into my oil bag. Rocky Mountain Oils also sells these for only $1.75 – so if you plan to order something from them, just add a few of these to your order. You really wont find them cheaper than that. It looks like the large blue bottle in the image above to the right.

LARGER GLASS SPRAY BOTTLE: I use this for my surface cleaner. I purchased mine from The Bread Beckers store as well. It was only like 5 bucks. Very inexpensive. You can find these online. Rocky Mountain Oils does not currently carry these sadly.


Here is where it can get kinda confusing :) – hopefully the chart below will help out.
Any time I buy an Essential Oil, even if it is a blend. By blend I mean its a mixture of more than one oil. So for example the new blend I just purchased called “calming” – is a blend or synergy. It has more than one essential oil in it. Essential Oils are very very strong, a little goes a long way.

Below is my printable chart you can save to your computer and print. I have a print out of it and keep it in my essential oil book. Btw, for those curious what book I use. I purchased The Healing Powers of Liquid Copals book off RMO site. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Any time I have an ailment to deal with, I go to this book. It is so helpful.


essential oil dilution chart

I tried to color code it.
The Red indicates the percentage of dilution.
The Blue indicates how many drops of oil.

SO If you had a 5 year old little boy you wanted to dilute some oils for.
If you had a 10ml glass roller bottle. You would put in between 3-6 drops of your essential oil.
You would then fill the rest of that glass bottle up with a carrier oil.
Make sense?

(DOWNLOAD FULL SIZE CHART HERE – if link does not work please let me know)

The Essential Oil Safety book by Robert Tisserand and Robert Young provided the chart above. In their book they also list lower percentages of dilution for children under the age of 2. Feel free to check out that book though if you’d like. I believe the chart is on page 47.

I DILUTE ALL MY OILS Using either Fractionated Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil
(from trader joes). There are lots of great carrier oils around though. That is a post in and of itself :) – but those right now are my two go to oils.

To end.

essential oil diffuserOne last way I dilute my oils is to Diffuse them:

You don’t really need to DILUTE your oils to diffuse them. You are essentially diluting them I suppose, since you are pouring them into water, in order to be diffused… but you can pour your essential oils to be diffused, straight out of the bottle. No need to blend them with a carrier oil to diffuse them. Most diffusers you buy will give you a recommended amount of oils per amount of water used. So just go by the directions on your diffuser. I use the CLOUD Diffusers from Rocky Mountain Oils. I have both their small and large one. Currently as I write this I am using the large one. I poured in a good amount of water and just two drops of my new calming oil and its plenty strong. Inhaling Essential Oils is very beneficially… and one of the ways we use them most.

Hope this post helps.

Feel free to comment with any questions.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor… Always use discretion with essential oils. Read up on what oils are safe to use with small children and what oils you should use for what problems. Essential Oils are amazing but also very powerful. This is how I dilute my oils and have since the start. It works for me and my family. It may not be “the method” of everyone, but I went with Robert Tisserand on this one and feel good about the source.

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7 Comments on “How to Blend/Dilute Essential Oils

  1. Thank you for answering my question, sweet Drea. I love using the roller-bottles. This chart makes it so easy to dilute. Thanks! I just ordered Gentle Babies as a guide for oiling my kiddos.

  2. Does the larger cloud diffuser put out a pretty good amount of oil smell? Several I have tried in my open living room/kitchen don’t seem to have much smell unless you get close to to it. I really want to smell it well. Especially if I invest in one for this price. Thanks.

    1. Hey Jennifer, honestly the more I have the larger cloud, the more I like the smaller one better. To me it diffuses better. Not sure why because they are super similar… it just seems to project the scent much better. So either I got a dud larger cloud or something :) – or the smaller one is just better. So if I had to choose between the two, id pick the smaller one. Im actually giving one away in a week or two ;-) just as a heads up. so maybe you can win one!

  3. When you want to mix 3 different EOs with a carrier oil, how many drops do you mix of each oil and how much carrier oil? Say at 5.0% in a 1 oz bottle. I’m new at this and want to get the amounts right. I know to start lower and then increase if needed. I want to mix 1 oz to begin with, in a 2 oz bottle, so I can adjust if needed.

  4. Thanks for the information. I’m new to essential oils and am having trouble understanding. My situation: I’m a beekeeper and bees love the scent of Lemon grass oil. I use it to capture swarms. I would like to delete the lemon grass with something and use in a pump sprayer. What should I use to dilute the lemon grass with, and at what ratio to get the solution to flow thru sprayer easily ? Thanks so much for your help !!!!!

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