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Chin Boo Boo?

Last week I was tidying up my boys room a bit prepping them for bed… I was fixing up Taite’s bunk and noticed his night time reading light was unplugged. They have these ikea lamps that connect to their bunk post using a large CLIP… well as I went to plug up the lamp, I didnt realize the clip was sticking up so far and as I bent over, I hit my chin. Not just a little. Full force. Enough that I had to refrain from cursing… and made my way to the bathroom… where my chin bled… and bled…. and bled. I was surprised it bled so much. Within seconds of the blow, it began to swell and I was left with a pretty big gash on the tip of my chin.


This particular day had been one of those “off” days too… where everything went wrong… It was the “Man I can’t wait to go to bed” type of day…. you all know the type, right? So to end it with a blow to the chin, was not cool.

As soon as I stopped the bleeding I took the Essential Oil Gentle Healer though and applied it pretty heavily… I knew if anything, I could use this moment to show my friends and readers how amazing this oil is. If you missed the post where I talked about this oil and how we saved Reed from a trip to the ER and stitches… be sure to read that post HERE.

This oil was one of those that I cringed to buy.. The cost was not cheap. Although the cost is less now than when I purchased it, so it is cheaper than what I paid!

Now that I have this oil though I have seen first hand how amazing it is… multiple times.

Below is a photo of my chin… and how fast it healed. The pictures are unedited and not altered in any way. I took them all with my iphone and just put them together side by side for blog purposes. To those curious, I applied this oil onto my chin every 12 hours or so. Just evening, morning and mid day if I thought about it.

How you can use Essential Oils to heal your skin. From old scars to new boo boos. This stuff is unreal!

How you can use Essential Oils to heal your skin. From old scars to new boo boos. This stuff is unreal!It seriously is like having a doctor in your medicine cabinet…

The ability it has to heal and regenerate skin is unbelievable to watch… and I cannot praise it enough.

To those curious how I dilute my Gentle Healer. I place it into a roller bottle (10ml). I put around 15 drops into that roller bottle and then fill the rest of it up with a carrier oil.

Lots of people are skeptical of Essential Oils… I for one was.

It is kind of annoying to see people post things over… and over… and over again about “oils.”

I really don’t want to be that mom :) – so trust me, I bite my tongue a lot on things like Instagram and Facebook haha… It is the type of thing though, that once you see what these can do in your life and for your family, you want to share…

I purchase Gentle Healer From Rocky Mountain Oils. They are a smaller company than DoTerra and Young Living… but one that I greatly respect and love. Their oils are 100% pure and if you have any question in regards to their sources… certificates and what not, call them! They are legit and over see all their farms.

Great company and great prices. Their shipping too is the best.

Feel free to check out the below post I have written about this company… Or comment letting me know if you have any questions.

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  1. I wish I would have known to go through your site when purchasing my oils from RMO! I will be sure to do that next time! My order came last Thursday which happened to be thme same day that Matt burned his arm at work. Not bad enough to blister but it was bright red and very painful. I got home late that night so he had to wait until after work Friday for me to apply any oils. He put Melagel on it Thursday night (melagel is a product I get from a different company which is a gel form of melaleuca oil). Friday evening I started applying gentle healer VERY gently with my finger because he could not tolerate rolling it on with the roller bottle! I did this twice Saturday and again Sunday morning and by Sunday evening the redness was starting to fade around the edges and the pain was significantly decreased!i will continue to doctor it with Gentle Healer!

  2. To put this in a roller bottle, do I need to dilute with FCO? I have 10ml roller bottles, what would the ratio be if it needs to be diluted? Thanks

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