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Organizing my Essential Oils

Shelf for Essential Oils

How to organizing Essential OilsOn a recent post you all may have seen an Essential Oil shelf I had set up in my kitchen. This is my new way of organizing my Essential Oils. For a while I kept my oils in a small box I found at Goodwill for under $2.00. I still use this box to store extra oil bottles that didn’t fit on my shelf, stickers and other things… its a great box. However, it was getting cramped in that small box… and it made it hard to find certain oils sometimes because it was so small.

So I have been on the look out for an Essential Oil Shelf. I saw lots of fun ideas on Pinterest… but with a non-handy husband and lack of time on my part… I just kept putting it off.

Until one day while at a local goodwill (again haha) looking for a helmet for my 8 year old. His helmet was to small. I tell you, Goodwill is the place to shop for helmets! Most are under $5.00.

While there, I of course wandered around seeing if I could find any treasures… and I noticed a weird looking cassette type shelf in the home goods area. As soon as I saw it I knew I could turn it into an oil shelf. So I purchased it for $4.95 and came home.

I wish I had gotten a before photo… but I sadly didn’t think to. The shelves on this thing though were really close together. They are made out of a thin particle board material. So it was easy to break the shelves I didn’t want out. If you look at the shelf images below, you can see notches where the other shelves use to be.

So all after breaking out a few shelves. My shelf unit was complete :)

The outside of this shelf thing is solid wood… so it is kinda heavy. Which is a good thing. I was going to hang it onto the wall some place… but because it is so thick, I was nervous someone may bump into it. So for now this is in our kitchen. I have it high enough up that Reed can’t play with it (unless he really tried). I also wanted it higher up on the back area of the counter, so any time “friends” would come over, their kids wouldn’t get curious haha.

My older 3 boys do not touch my oils in any way. So I felt pretty good about its placement and so far (months later), no issues at all.

I also keep my oil book on top of the shelf, since I go to it often.
I keep my carrier oil nearby as well.
I also keep my travel bag of oils near it too.

The boys know when they need an oil (to ask) but then to go to the “travel bag” first.
I’ve taught them never to use my oils from the “real bottles” :)

How to organize your oils without paying a fortune
and yes… I put them in ABC order :) – as best I could any way.

How you can organize your Essential Oils


So how do you organize your oils?

I will say, between the box and the shelf. I much prefer the shelf.

If you are curious where I got my “travel bag” from – feel free to read the below post:

How you can organize your Essential Oils
New to Oils? Here is an old post of mine explaining what I use and why. Let me know if you want me to do an updated list? I have added a lot of great oils to this list since posting it.

What Essential Oils should I get? and how to organize them once I have them.

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  1. This post is what I needed. I have reading your blog for years and now I have to say I am going to try the oils I have got my first oils from RMO and cannot wait to get home to try them and I love the shelf idea now to find something for mine… I so enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with you and Travis and the boys. I have been reading older post on the oils so that I figure out which others I may need my little one has add so hopefully some of this may help her.

    1. Hi Kelvin, I got it at a thrift shop in Atlanta. So its prob not something you can just go find :) – its an old cassette tape holder I believe.

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