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Owen’s 5!

Lowes Grow and build

This weekend we celebrated Owen turning 5. So hard to believe that my 3rd born son is now old enough to be considered a Kindergartener. It goes so fast!! Owen is still just as sweet as ever. Despite growing leaps and bounds this year, he still remains true to his adorable laughter and innocence spirit. I remember vividly when Owen turned 3. He wanted to go to Build a Bear at the mall and so I took him with the other 3 boys. Travis at the time was working evenings… so he was unable to join us. I still remember having a great time and the memories from that day are etched into my mind.

I didn’t expect for Owen’s 5th birthday that he’d want to return to Build a Bear. I thought for sure this was a thing of the past. He was 5 now.. not a toddler anymore… yet this cutie did my heart good and we got to experience another sweet trip to the Build a Bear store. This time with Daddy along.

Before going to the mall. We had a fun morning at the Lowes Workshop. Its totally free (you just have to pre-register). This was our first time going but it looked like a fun choice of activity for the day… All four boys built a truck and had a great time.

We have found over the years that the sweetest and most intimate birthdays can be some spent with just the family. While I love parties where we get to see friends… I find the more kids I have and the older they get… the more I like to just spend that day with my boys and possibly do a party another time. They grow so fast… I don’t want my memory of their birthdays to ever be clouded with stress and anxiety over party planning. Id much rather love on them in special ways… from simple decorations surprising them in the morning… to letting them pick where they would like to eat for dinner. :)

Here are some memories from our day :)

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Reed really got into the “Monster” part of the Truck :)




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and to end… a little flash back :) to Owen’s 1st Birthday back in 2011.




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