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3 Ingredient Lotion Bars

A super simple 3 Ingredient Lotion Bar Recipe

I get a lot of request for this recipe and some have had trouble finding it on my blog since I teamed it with an Essential Oil Post last year. So I figured Id help everyone out in “searching for post” regard, and repost this favorite. This recipe btw was passed down to me by my sweet friend Nichole. She blogs over HERE. Shes a mother of 9 and is a wealth of knowledge. Do check out her blog. She graciously shared her recipe with me and I have been in love since.

Before I get into the recipe, to answer a few questions.

1. Are these greasy?

– IMO yes a bit. I’m use to it though, so I don’t even notice, nor am I bothered by it. When I first apply them, they feel very oily. Then again they are made out of coconut oil, shea and beeswax. They are oily. However, they absorb beautifully into my face and my skin has never looked or felt better. Any time I use a regular store bought moisturizer they never come close to the quality of this bar. Also I have found if I just moisturize with Coconut oil only, that it doesn’t keep the moisture in long enough. Something about the combination of these ingredients just works. It makes for an all day lasting moisturizer and is great for the skin.

2. Do you use it on your body?

– Not really. I could but I just prefer not to. I find these work best just for the face. For all over body lotion I would suggest using a whipped body butter (I have a recipe for that too and plan to add it to this blog soon) vs. a bar. It just applies a lot easier than a bar would. So for me, these are for FACIAL USE ONLY.

3. Do you wear make up over top after using the bar?
– Some days… but most days I do not. If I plan to wear make up I use a much lighter weight moisturizer, like Aveeno. Aveeno isn’t 100% natural by any means but it works well for under make up. I do not wear make up most days… so for me I’m ok using Aveeno for those make up days. I would say 4 out of 7 days I am bare skinned and prefer it. So this bar is used morning and evening most days of the week. I have had a few friends tell me they can use this under their make up with no issue though. So my issues with it may just be my own skin or my make up brand.

4. How long will one last? and how do I use it?
– I can use the same bar for many months! You wouldn’t think this small 2 inch x 2 inch bar would last that long but it does. I have found the best way to use it is to apply it right after cleansing your skin with warm water. Rub the bar between your hands a few times, then rub your hands to your face. It works so good this way. Do let me know if you would like me to share my “Oil Cleansing Method” here as well. I blogged about it on my old blog and it was quiet the popular post. For those unfamiliar, I do not use facial cleansers any more and haven’t for over 5 years. All I use is jojoba or sweet almond oil to clean my face. It removes my make up and all! Great stuff. :)

Ok… I think that about does it.

Now here goes the recipe.

A very simple 3 ingredient recipe to make your own Facial Lotion Bars
3 Ingredient Lotion Bars



  1. Heat up your coconut oil, shea and beeswax in a stainless steel pot at medium heat.
  2. Once melted remove from heat and pour your oils into silicone molds. I purchased my silicone molds off amazon. I love them!
  3. Once my ingredients are in the silicone molds I then add my Essential Oils. This is totally optional btw. You do not need to add essential oils into these for them to work well. I just do because I have them on hand and Essential Oils are amazing for our skin. The oils I add in are Sacred Frankincense, Rose Blend and Lavender. Just a couple drops each does the trick.
  4. Allow them to sit undisturbed at room temp... they will then harden into a square and you then just pop them out of the mold and there you go.
  5. I store mine at room temp but if you live in a warmer house above 80F, you may want to keep yours some place cooler.

Use the coupon code – DW10 for 10% off the following Essential Oils: Lavender, Sacred Frankincense and Blend of Rose at Rocky Mountain Oils (my source for Essential Oils – coupon expires Nov 1st, 2015) All three of these oils I use in my skin care routine. They are also in my lotion bars. You do not have to have these oils to create your bars… but the added benefit is worth it.

Disclosure: The Above post does contain affiliate links to Amazon and Rocky Mountain Oils. This in no way affects my opinions on this post. Affiliate links help to generate a small amount of income for our family of 6. Thank you for your love and support. I truly enjoy blogging things that work for our family. Everything I share are things that I use personally and I would never share something I wouldn’t purchase or use myself. Thanks so much :)

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  1. You can add a little bit of cornstarch or arrowroot powder to the recipe to help it be less greasy. About 1/8 – 1/4 tsp.

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