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On the road again

Ready to go. #comfortsuites #boymom #travelingIts been a busy weekend traveling. Lots to tell but I don’t feel comfortable spilling all the info just yet… as nothing is final at this moment. We had to travel about 4 hours away though from our home… We had to stay at a hotel for two nights, one room with four boys (Let me tell you, that is no easy task). It was a trip I think Travis and I both were a little anxious about… but also excited about.

The boys had a great time.

They loved the fact we stayed up til 10pm+ both nights… and they got to eat a lot of stuff I normally wouldn’t let them. In fact Sunday night at 10pm we finally got the chance to feed them supper.. prior to this I got car sick in the back of a truck… so embarrassing… I know it was because my sugar was low and I hadn’t eaten tho. So despite not being a huge fan of McDonalds, it was all that was open at 10pm. We went through the drive through and I ate an entire large fry!! I have never in my life done that… I guess I was hungry. :) I regretted those fries after attempting to workout Monday evening. I think we can all freely admit we have eaten there before. I find it funny how some eco-bloggers are very vocal about their hate for fast food… and yet almost all of us eat there from time to time. It is what it is. Its fast food. It isn’t ideally the most healthy… but at 10pm, without access to a kitchen and no other options, you go with what works… and let me tell you, McDonalds fries at 10pm to a mom who got car sick, did my body good haha. I felt much better after that. Who else craves sodium and carbs after getting nauseous? Its kinda like saltine crackers after recovering from a stomach flu.

Any how. We are glad to be back home. The trip back went smooth… and we are attempting this week to potty train Reed. This has been a long time coming… but the idea of potty training a 2 year old in the midst of house work (painting, etc)… home school… and business picking up for the spring/summer season… it doesn’t exactly leave much extra time to deal with potty trips and puddles.

Fingers crossed he masters it in a week (like my other boys did)… and we can press on.

Hope everyone had a great weekend… and if you are in GA, enjoy the sunshine. I think its suppose to be sunny all week. I have a feeling we will spend every evening this week by the pool. :)

Reed loves the fact this pool is heated. ???? #traveling #brothers

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