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House-side Fishing

ED9A2868The temporary housing we are living in right now, has turned out to be such a special place. While I look forward to getting into our own home, the charm of living on a farm has been really special.

The trailer we are in is at the back of a 100 acre farm… and we are not only surrounded by horses on both sides and the front… but we also have easy access to a beautiful pond.

Saturday Travis took the boys fishing there… and while we didn’t have much luck ;-) – it was still really cool to just be able to walk there and enjoy the outdoors. One thing we are learning though, is in South Carolina, if you intend to do anything outdoors… do it before it gets to hot. Seems like before 10am here its already 90F… gets so hot, so fast.

I want to invest in some insulated water bottles for the kids too… they complain about being thirsty constantly now, and plastic water bottles just don’t stay cold long enough. I was hoping to find a bottle that had some sort of SLING for the kids to wear it across their chest? Does anyone know of something like that available for children? That way I don’t have 4 water bottles shoved into my purse… Id love for them to have something THEY can carry on their own.

Below are a few more photos from the morning :) Enjoy.


They caught their own bait. Crickets!



This is walking “away” from the Trailer. Towards the pond.


This is what you see if you turn around. :) Thats our cute little trailer we are in currently.







Here is one of the horses near the house.


3 Comments on “House-side Fishing

  1. We have “trailers” and “manufactured homes”. Yours definitely looks like a manufactured home ;) I worked property management for many years before law enforcement. I worked for a very large company that owned mobile home parks all over the united states. Some of the new homes are very nice and very large. No matter if trailer (which basically just means pretty old) or manufactured home, they are all mobile. Love the horses.

  2. Beautiful place… Check the Bubba cups they may have something I have some in Walmart and the local Grocery store or Yeti

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