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Kitchen Paint Job

Before moving into our new house, we had two rooms we wanted to tackle painting. The paint job these two rooms had just weren’t our style… and we felt they made the room feel smaller. The before photos I took you actually cant really see the “texture” the wall had prior. The former home owners did some sort of artsy texture thing on the walls.. I am sure they spent a good amount of time doing it… but we each have our own styles and this wasn’t mine. So it had to go.

We used the Sherwin Williams paint color “Sedate Gray” in this room. It has a hue of green/blue in it, it compliments our living room curtains (that I will show once our living room is done). Our kitchen table has grey hues as well, so I thought it went really well with the kitchen.

I do hope to get a center island eventually as well for more work space. The kitchen is a great size and we have pretty good storage too. The one thing this kitchen does lack that our other kitchen had, is a bar (I will miss that!) and our huge walk in pantry. I knew going into this house hunting process, that to find a kitchen that matched our Atlanta home features, would be hard to find. So I wasn’t let down when it didn’t match up exactly. :)

I still cannot complain. Its a beautiful kitchen.

Enjoy the before/afters :)







The old wire phone is staying, Reed likes it :) – even tho it isn’t hooked up.



The last thing Id like to do to this kitchen is to paint the door leading out to the screen porch (its located to the right of our kitchen table) – also the door in the laundry hallway (you can’t see it here but its connected to the kitchen), Id love to paint those an accent color.

Something like this…

So eventually that’ll get done. :) I think it’ll be a nice pop for the room, since grey is kind of boring by itself.

I also would love a backsplash similar to this…

One thing at a time though, right?

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