Abraham the Camel

This weekend we had a church picnic. It took place on the farm we spent 5 weeks at. I found it sweet, that when we pulled up, Reed (age 2) said “Its my house!” – remembering where we called home for those few weeks. They loved it there.

We had an amazing turn out at the picnic… largest crowd they’ve ever had they told us. Travis baptized 3 in the pool there by the pond… we enjoyed great food, fellowship, fishing, golf cart riding, horse back riding and more. Was a great time and we hope they do it again sooner than later :)

Below are a few images from the evening…


This by the way is Abraham. The owner of this farm owns him. Yup. A Camel :)

He was fed by a mountain dew bottle I believe as a baby camel, so he is kind of obsessed with Mtn. Dew.










One thought on “Abraham the Camel

  1. That’s so sweet that the farm holds a special place in Reed’s memories. He will enjoy going “home” for years to come.

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