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New Living Room make over :) – partly any way

ED9A3431I had to go ahead and post this. It was driving me nuts not to show the before/after. I have a shelf unit I want to get up in our new living room. It will go on the empty wall behind our 3 seat sofa. I want to put in a floating shelf that will display all our photos. (I have a lot). I also want to figure out something with our TV above the mantel. I’m not a huge fan of this look… but the house had a TV mount already installed… and with the shape of this room, having the TV above the fire place just works. SO, we let it be. The thing that bothers me are the amount of cords going down the side of the fire place… we want to have some electrical work done to place an outlet spot behind the actual TV… that will hopefully help with this issue. Because of the mass amount of cords, I have used tiny suitcases and decor to attempt to HIDE the bunches of black wiring.. It is just very congested looking and bothers me… but for now, it works… and in time we will make that look a lot more “seamless” and less crowded. For now, see pass the wires and mess around our mantel. :)

The room to me does not look complete without the photos up either.. so it is a bit incomplete as of today… but hopefully you can see the direction its going from these after photos.

The room prior was an orange color. While it didn’t photograph bad in the before, in person it was VERY DARK. This room does not get a ton of natural light due to lots of trees in our yard. So I felt the room needed a more neutral and light color to open the space up.

The built ins I also painted with a pop of color. I love how they turned out.

The sofa set that matches (a love and regular sofa) we got at a thrift shop for $349.00 – with delivery! total score. They are in great shape! The recliner set towards the painting in the room was given to us by a church member too. Its a nice piece and reclines with a push of a button.

The coffee table is an old antique chest the former home owners left behind. It needs some repair work – there is a broken piece towards the back… but if you didn’t look to close you wouldn’t even notice. I put extra throws into it and the boys enjoy using it as a table for toys and such.

The Rug I got at Ross. Its Turkish and beautiful! It was a splurger piece… $80.00 – retail these rugs are $200.00+ though, so I still believe it was a good deal.

Enjoy the pics :)




All the photos ALONG the top and bottom of mantel I hope to relocate once the shelf is built and wires concealed. :)



Here are a few details in the room…


My mom made that beautiful chevron crochet blanket, I love it!


The painting towards the back left is by Melissa Payne Baker, a friend and client of mine in Atlanta, GA.


The Curtains I got from World Market for 60% off! I love them.


Here is a close up of some of the built ins.


The bottom of the book shelf to the left is a weird big open spot that was obviously meant for an old school TUBE TV :) … we obviously wont have a TUBE TV there, so for now I placed our big pillows the kids use to lay with and watch TV sometimes… and an vintage suitcase. I do hope to add doors to this opening one day… It isnt a priority at the moment though.

and… to end… If you ever come to our house, you will see this…

TOBY’S Chair.

This chair was Travis’ old office chair in the basement.. No one really ever saw it… but this chair kept our Cat Toby from scratching up our furniture. This was his place to stretch his claws. It was his perch haha and he loves it!

We hate how it looks… but we have yet to part with it because we fear if we do, Toby will begin finding a new scratching post… more than likely our new sofa set. So, for now this ugly thing stays… I do hope to find him another option that is a bit prettier :) – but for now, we just keep this kinda hidden in the corner.


That is the room! I do hope to update everyone with the new floating shelf once that is up. Maybe ill do a tutorial on how we build it too! I also plan to do room tours of our master bedroom, the boys rooms…and so forth. I will also give everyone a tour of the outside of the house eventually too.

This month for me has felt exhausting with all the moving, adjusting, starting school back and so forth… but I must admit, it has been fun having a new house to play with. :)

– Oh and the name plaques on our shelf units with the boys names/meanings came from Mimi’s Soda Shoppe off etsy. My friends mom runs that shop. She doesn’t have any listed right now but I bet she’d make you one if you e-mailed her via her shop. We love having one for each of the boys, they are some of my favorite pieces in our home.

– The Pillows too for those curious came from TJMaxx (the yellow bird one). The rest oddly enough, Walmart! The throws we’ve had for some time, mostly thrifted. :) The end tables TJ Maxx, the lamps we’ve had for a good while too, I’m pretty sure walmart lamps as well.

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  1. Drea, love your decorating style and a win-win when you can find great scores at resale =) My couch too was found at resale with tags till on it. My favorite part of your room is the French doors to the outside. Love it. So pretty and the built in shelves. Keep your eye out for a cat tree. Our two cats love it and it is definitely their scratching post. We found them to be very expensive and cheaply made in the big pet stores but found ours at Costco. Seasonal and I forget what season. However, ours is much taller (3 levels) and much sturdier.

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