The Wood Knots

My boys love watching youtube videos. Closely monitored of course. So we decided, as a way to teach them some stuff about video (imovie), overlaying music, creativity and public speaking, that this would be a fun way to dabble.

So here is their first video!

The series on their channel will all be tasting new foods. Mostly snacks :)

If you would like to send the boys something to try e-mail them at TheWoodKnots[at] (I check this btw, not them haha)… and I can fill you in on how you can send them a package. They’d love it and try everything on camera.

Their inspiration for this channel was by EmmyMadeinJapan on youtube. They enjoy her channel.

To end. Can I just add, that being able to do things like this with my boys, while it takes work, is so worth it! The grow so fast… and I am cherishing the days when they are willing and enjoy this sort of thing. I hope it does nothing but build in them a love for each other and spending time together.

Oh and ABSOLUTELY SUBSCRIBE and SHARE SHARE SHARE their channel. They are going to be so tickled when they fill up with subscribers. Comment too. :) Thanks everyone!

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