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Pumpkins and a Coupon

We carved some pumpkins this week. The boys always seem to enjoy this. This was the first year though that Caleb (our oldest, who is 11) wanted to take on doing most of the job himself. Surprised me, because he tends to be funny about getting messy. Out of all my boys he seems to be my “clean” dude. Was nice to see him take charge.

Here are some photos below… but before that, thought Id give everyone a heads up about a deal over at Rocky Mountain Oils. They have select oils 20% off, one of those is Lavender… which I LOVE. Also their site has a 5% deal going on site wide… FREE SHIPPING and if you use my coupon code DW10 you will save 10% more on that Lavender Oil (or Sacred Frank and Rose Blend). So you’d potentially save 35% off Lavender and 15% off the rest. They also have their MOM and SPICE Oil Kits 20% off as well. Be sure to check that out HERE.



Toby was super curious about the smell the pumpkins had.





Reed was keeping his distance. The innerds kinda grossed him out :)




& sorry, no finished product images haha. I hope to get those on Saturday once we light them up. :)

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