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Beginners Guide to Essential Oils

A straight forward Beginners Guide to Essential Oils, written by a mom of four boys.

Over a year ago, I wrote up a post that talked about What Essential Oils you should get. It was one of my first times writing about Essential Oils. I too, at the time was new to them. I thought it was due time for me to write a new post updating everyone… and so I decided to do a Beginners Guide to Essential Oils type post. Hopefully it will encourage people and help this world of “oils” seem a little less complicated and scary.

I thought I would do this in a Q&A sort of format. I will try and keep it as simple and short as I can. Although, I have a feeling it will be lengthy. Sorry! >.<

Q: Who do I buy my Essential Oils from and why?

  • Deciding who to purchase my oils from, took me months. I of course over think a lot and had to do lots of research. I did lots of going back and forth. Trying to determine what would be best for my family and budget… and what made the most sense for me personally. Despite having many friends who used both Young Living and DoTerra… Was to go against the grain a bit and get my oils from a much smaller company called Rocky Mountain Oils. RMO had everything I needed… and while the larger companies had a few more incentives for those who wanted to start businesses selling oils… for those who wanted to just buy good quality oils and nothing more. RMO was a better choice (They do not depend on MLM, which helps keep the price down). Their oils are fantastic! I have been completely satisfied for over a year with them… and have seen first hand how amazing they are at keeping our family well, healing cuts, bruises, burns, athletes foot. I use them to clean with. Diffuse. Sanitize. Moisturize with on my face & Body. I even use it on my hair! They are amazing and I love them. Here is a little bit more info you can read up on later, that specifically talks about RMO and their oils….

Why shopping with RMO for Essential Oils just makes sense.
Read about the QUALITY of their Oils | 100% Satisfaction | Return Policy | GC/NS Testing

So now that, that questions is answered. Let me just say, that these are just my opinions and my choices. The best part about not “having” to sell Essential Oils or grow a business doing it… is that I don’t have to be pushy… Its totally up to the individual and what they want. Just be sure you purchase oils from a certified company, who does proper testing. My motto. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. I like that I pay less with RMO, but their prices aren’t so low that I question the product. You get what you pay for really does hold some truth in regards to Essential Oils. Just do your research and go from there. Again, no pushing here, just sharing my experiences.

Q: What is a BLEND (Synergy) & SINGLE Essential Oils?

  • This was confusing for me at first. I wasn’t sure what to buy. Do I buy a blend or do I buy the single oil? Which ones do I buy blended, which ones do I buy as a single oil? When I first started I got a lot of pre-BLENDED Synergy oils. Such as Immune Strength. Tranquility. Breath Ease and so on. I still love many of these blends and use many to this day. However, the more I read up on oils and the longer I use them, the more I enjoy mixing and creating my own BLENDS. So, if you aren’t the type that likes to dabble and create, go with BLENDS for specific needs. Many of these BLENDS are created for specific uses and the beauty of having them, is it takes some of the guess work out of it.  If you like to dabble, buy SINGLES and have some fun experimenting with them. I do! I also have found that because I have quiet a few oils now, that creating some of my favorite BLENDS is more cost effective in the long run. More work, but for me, I enjoy that. So its not an issue. SINGLES are just the individual oil itself. So if you buy Peppermint, its just peppermint. If you buy Lemon, its Lemon. Individual Oils have their own amazing benefits. Thats when having an Essential Oil book is helpful. I list the one I use below…

Q: Do I need to dilute BLENDS or just SINGLE Essential Oils?

  • I dilute BOTH. All BLENDS are already diluted down some. However, the BLENDS are still very potent. So a little goes a long way. Regardless if its a BLEND or a SINGLE oil, I dilute them the same. They’ve worked just fine for me this way. Feel free to read THIS POST  I wrote, that has a printable chart for dilution ratios…

Q: What are your favorite BLENDS (Synergy) Oils?

An amazing and simple post helping beginners start using Essential Oils.

  • I have a few favorites… I have reordered and love. So here they are…
  1. GENTLE Healer – May as well start off with the most expensive right? This Oil is one I ADORE and use constantly.  You can read about how I treated a laceration on my chin HERE. As well as how I avoided the ER with my 2 year old HERE. It is an oil I have found invaluable as a mother of four boys. It has truly paid for itself. When people see the price tag their first reaction is “yikes, no way.” If you think about the cost of a co-pay for most ER’s though, my one trip that I avoided with my son Reed, would have cost us more. So yes, its an investment, but for a mom who is treating boo boos, scrapes, cuts, etc… constantly, its worth the money. Gentle Healer has two ingredients. So it is considered a blend. However, the only Essential Oil in this blend is Helichrysum italicum. An amazing oil that regenerates skill cells. It also helps fight infection and reduce inflammation. The other oil in this blend is called Foraha (Tamanu) oil. It is not quiet an Essential Oil. However, it has healing properties as well. For me though, to purchase “straight up” Healichrysum italicum was out of the question. My wallet just couldn’t go that far. However, if you can buy it straight, go for it. :) Its amazing. Gentle Healer though is a great inbetween and if you want my honest opinion, its just as effective. —- The next few oils are all great CALMING oils that I diffuse at night…..
  2. Peace & Quiet – Great BLEND for use at night. During a stressful day. Its a great blend to use for Children. Its warm. Calming. It can help with anxiety and OCD. I use this oil often and have actually re-ordered a second bottle for myself. My kids always want this one diffused.
  3. Calming or Tranquility – I have used both of these and love them equally. They are both really pleasant. I tried to find both of these on the RMO site to link to them… however, I believe they are out of stock and I couldn’t find them. So I can’t link you. If and when those are back in stock, get them, they’re great! If RMO is reading this and you don’t intend to bring these back, I encourage you, bring them back! I love them!
  4. Dreamtime – This is a recent addition to my collection. I got it because Calming was out of stock. I wanted an oil I could diffuse at night. Just to switch it up. So I purchased this one and love it! It helps your muscles to relax… and calms you before bed. Great for those who deal with anxiety.
  5. Immune Strength – This one isn’t pictured above… I was going to include it in the photo but the bottle I had was the first generation RMO labels and well, they aren’t pretty haha. So I decided to keep that one out of the picture. However, this is a must have BLEND for boosting the Immune System. “It helps support all of the functions of the body — adrenal, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and lymphatic systems. It will help you protect against, as well as fight, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other microbes. [source]” I use this oil on my kids ANY TIME we go out to a very public place. Any time my kid is exposed to sickness. Last year we used this all fall/winter and we had ZERO colds. None. Not one. I was so thankful because the year prior we had gone through a horrible round of Rotavirus in the family… and it was just awful. I was thankful to go almost 9 months with no colds for any of my four kids… and I have no doubt our use of Essential Oils and lots of prayer came into play. :) This one is great!
  6. Sports Pro – Was another great one I enjoyed for sore muscles after a workout. However I do not believe its offered any more. If it goes back onto the site though, keep an eye out for it. I found it useful.
  7. Tummy Rub – I know I say this a lot… but this one is great for those with kids as well. There have been many instances where my kid will have an upset stomach, due to eating to much. Car sickness. Ate to much candy? Constipation. Any sort of tummy related issue, this is the oil to turn too. It can also relieve heartburn, indigestion and cramps.  It will help you control all forms of gas including belching, bloating, flatulence (boys and their toots. I tell you. Its neverending haa), and colic. It can also help you treat hiccups. Its also great for morning sickness.
  8. Purify – A recent addition to my collection… but one I can tell I am going to re-order in the future. This makes for the cleanest smelling house ever. Its full of great oils that cleanse the air. We don’t have smokers in our house… but this oil apparently is great at masking that smell. Also those with pets, this would be a great one to help with the pet odor smell. Teenager boys? smelly socks? Diffuse this. :) Not only does it do a great job purify the air by diffusing it. You can also use it to treat insect bites… wounds and promote healing.


A great post talking about the difference between Essential Oil BLENDS and Singles.Q: What are your favorite SINGLE Oils?

  • This is where my collection has exploded…. I HAVE A LOT of single oils… but I am going to try and list the ones that I use THE MOST. Feel free to comment or email me with questions you may have on other oils you see in any of these images.
  1. Sacred FrankincenseI will warn you, this oil is one of the more expensive ones… but it also has so many uses. You could get this oil and use it for so much, you could weed out the need for others if you wanted. It is another Immune Boosting Oil. You can use it to treat the flu, congestion, asthma, bronchitis and more. It also is an incredible oil to use for your skin. I put this in my Lotion Bars as well as when I cleans my skin with oil, this is in the oil I use for that method. Thats a post in and of itself. Feel free to read “How I got clear skin using Oil” (ditching conventional face cleansers). It is also used for anxiety… Just an incredible oil. It has a unique smell but one I love.
  2. Lavender – Another favorite of mine. I wont lie. I’ve used 3 bottles of this already. I LOVE IT!! We diffuse this more than any other oil. It is beneficial for skin conditions, anti-spasmodic, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, acne, arthritis, rheumatism, insomnia (may be excellent), tachycardia, phlebitis, mouth abscess, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, lowering blood pressure, fluid retention. Has assisted in elimination of waste through lymphatic system, pre-menstrual and menopausal problems, thrush, hair loss, dandruff, burns, stretch marks, minimizing scarring, herpes, diaper rash, ulcers, cankers, allergies, asthma, athlete’s foot, boils, bruises, wounds, dermatitis, earache, chronic fatigue syndrome and boost immunity. [source] It has so many uses I can’t even list them all. This is an absolute must in your “Essential Oil Medicine cabinet” :) – I can’t imagine not having it.
  3. Lemon – Another popular oil. Great for cleaning your home. Great for cleansing the air. Its crisp and fresh! It is also another great oil for infectious diseases, colds, throat infections, asthma, bronchitis, and flu. I love that when I clean my counters, this oil is in my cleaner. I also use this in our spray sanitizer. Has lots of uses.
  4. Clove Bud – This is one of my favorite oils to use in the fall. Mainly because of its smell :) – However, the benefits it brings are just as great. It has way to many to even list… but lets just say, during the fall with flus around, its my go too blended with Cinnamon Bark. Its also great for dental uses and fatigue.
  5. Cinnamon Bark – One of my most loved oils. I use this a lot. It is a powerful purifier. It has been found that viruses, bacteria, and fungus cannot live in this oil. [source] Great for treating any sort of cold and flu. One of my favorite ways to use it is in the diffuse. I will put 2 drops of this, with 2 drops of clove and a drop of orange. Makes for a wonderful fall scent, but also great for warding off infections and bacteria. My youngest was recently sick (first time in almost a year) with a fever. I diffused this beside him as he rested… and also put it diluted on his feet. Within 12 hours his fever was gone and he was fine. Do remember though, this is a HOT OIL. So it MUST be diluted before use. Otherwise it can burn your skin. I made the mistake once of pouring this into something, got it on my hand… touched my face… yea. Lets just say, I lathered my entire face in oil trying to get it to stop burning… Its no joke, VERY LITTLE of this oil goes a long way.
  6.  Orange – A great one (and inexpensive) oil I find I enjoy having. Has similar uses to Lemon. Its a great antidepressant. My kids really like this one and ask for it often in the diffuser. It can also help with mouth ulcers. Its another great oil to put in surface cleaners you make.
  7. Melaleuca (similar to Tea Tree Oil) – This oil is very similar to Tea Tree Oil. However, its more kid friendly. So if you have kids and can’t decide which one to get. Go with this one over Tea Tree. Its just a bit more mild and safe for use on children. Its a great oil for infections, treating boils, insect bites and acne. If your kid falls and scrapes his knee, this is a great oil to use to help kill any infection. I will warn you, it doesn’t smell good. :) So don’t plan on diffusing this one haha… but it really is a great one to have on hand.
  8. Bergamot – I use this oil any time I get a blemish. I have found it is one of the best for my skin. I don’t break out often but when I do, I use this diluted, directly on the blemish. This oil is also one I use to treat my depression. I battle seasonal depression and oils are my go to right now for treating it. I use a blend of 3 oils for my depression. Bergamot is one of those. I will list the blend I use below when I start talking about diffusing. :)
  9. Ylang Ylang Extra – This is one of my favorite for treating Depression as well. It is one of those I team with Bergamot (the oil listed above this one). This oil is most often used as a stress reliever, as well as to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system. I also use it to help with my skin. I have oily skin and this is something I add to my skin care routine by putting it into my lotion bars.
  10. Vetiver – For those with boys or restless little students. This is a great oil to have. I diffuse this in our home school room, teamed with Lavender (the combo with Lavender or Sacred Frankincense is amazing). It is the key essential oil used to treat ADHD/ADD issues. *A 2001 study done by Dr. Terry S. Friedman M.D., A.B.H.M. showed that smelling Vetiver essential oil twice daily improved the performance of children with ADD and ADHD by a tremendous amount. [source] Its a great oil for calming the mind… relaxing muscles. At night time its a great one to diffuse. Although the smell takes some getting use too. Team it with a softer oil like Lavender, and you’ll love it.
  11. Oregano – I have both Oregano and Thyme… and I think if I had to pick between the two, Id choose Oregano. It is Called “Nature’s Antibody” for its remedial properties, Rocky Mountain Oils’ Oregano has powerful antivirus properties will help you remove your warts.  It will also help you eliminate athlete’s feet. [source] In fact I used it in my Athletes foot Salve recipe. My husband had awful athletes foot for over a year… and this oil along with a few others, cured his Athletes foot problem in under a week! It has a SUPER strong smell. I can’t say I like it… but this is one powerful oil.


Straight forward post, explaining how Essential Oils work and best ways to use them.
Q: How do I know what oil to use for such and such?

  • Go ahead and buy a book on Essential Oils. A guide of some sort that you can refer to with specific needs. This is the one I use. There are lots of them available on amazon though. Any time I have to treat something in our family, I flip through this book and I almost always find a solution. There are lots of great blogs too with answers to these questions too. However, I’ve found blogs have scary stuff on them sometimes and often times confuse me more than help. Hopefully my blog isn’t one of those. :-) Books though, great source!

Q: What do you use to Dilute your Oils?

  • I use a variety of carrier oils. Below is a picture of them….

What Carrier Oils should I use? A great post on Essential Oil basics.
Now, before someone notices that the oil in the center is not clear. The reason it isn’t, is because when that bottle ran out, I re-filled it with jojoba oil. I use jojoba oil for my face often and so I always have it on hand. So when I ran out of Fractionated Coconut Oil, I just poured some of my jojoba oil into that bottle. That little bottle though from RMO is probably one of my favorite. It just pours really well (has a little spout that opens and closes). I am not oppose to using other sources for my carrier oils. I buy all my Essential Oils from RMO, but if I find a better deal on a carrier oil, I’m all over it. Amazon often has sales on carrier oils. Also a local health food store here carries sweet almond oil and jojoba oil. I use both of those on my face, so I always have them on hand. Any of those oils work great. From left to right... Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba oil in a F.C.O bottle :) , Jojoba Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil. That big bottle can be found HERE.

I have read that certain carrier oils do different things. I’m not that fancy though… and have not found much difference in them. So I say go with whichever you prefer. :)

Q: How do you diffuse your Oils?

  • A great post on how to use Essential Oils in your daily life.I have a variety of diffusers. This one to the right is from RMO. I LOVE IT. Its pretty but also diffuses the oils straight up and seems to carry better in larger rooms. I also have a couple CLOUD diffusers. They work well for smaller rooms. Amazon has quiet a variety. Feel free to shop around for those and find one that you feel fits your needs best. Just make sure you purchase one that is an “ULTRASONIC” Diffuser. You do not want one that heats up your oils… as this will ruin some of the therapeutic benefits of your oils.

Also as promised, a few of my favorite combos to diffuse are….

  • For Depression – 2 drops Bergamont, Ylang Ylang Extra & 1 drop Frankincense.
  • For Colds & Immune Boosting – 2 drops Cinnamon & Clove, 1 drop Orange
  • For calming the boys during School – 2 drops Vetiver, 1 drop Frankincense
  • Calming the boys at night – 2 drops Lavender, 1 drop Vetiver

Also a great calming oil is Roman Chamomile. I didn’t mention it above though because I have not found many uses for it, besides that… and for the price tag, I’m just not sure its worth it *for me*. It is very pleasant though and amazing for calming children. So I guess for some it is worth it. :) If you have any good uses for Roman Chamomile, leave them in the comments. :)

There are all sorts of great combos for diffusing. I have learned to have fun with it and play around some. Those though are my go to combinations.

Great post that talks about Essential Oils, how to use them and what ones to buy.
Q: What do I put my oils in to dilute them?

  • I use mostly roller bottles. Amazon sells them HERE. I use 10ml ones for majority of my oils. However, I do have some 5ml roller bottles. I also have some TINY TINY 2ml bottles with droplet droppers (instead of the roller ball) I only really use the tiny 2ml ones for travel… or to share. Be sure to check out my DILUTION Chart OVER HERE.

A great post that speaks about how to use Essential Oils in daily life with kids.
Q: How do you use them in daily life?

To end… here is a question I get asked often…. Finding ways to use Essential Oils in daily life to me took some time to get use to. I first had to become familiar with the oils I had… their uses… and then the rest just started becoming second nature.

I use oils mostly on my kids feet. The feet are the safest and best place to apply these to children. I even apply them to myself this way. You can read SO MUCH about how applying Essential Oils onto the feet is beneficial and why online. I’m not going to get into all those details, otherwise this post will never end. Check out google though and enjoy some good reading. :) I use my diluted roller bottles for applying them. If they are restless during school. I’ll put some Vetiver on them. Fighting a cold, good ol’ Immune Strength it is. Feeling anxious, calming or lavender. Etc.etc.

I also wear Essential Oils on myself with a Diffuser Necklace. My husband wears a Diffuser Bracelet. Feel free to read my post on those HERE. I hope to get my kids some bracelets to wear soon as well.

Diffusing them with the diffuser in your home is also a great way to use them daily. I have a diffuser going every single day.

I also use oils in our hand sanitizer. Any time we go in public and use a grocery cart buggie, I spray the handles with this. If my kids play on a playground then want a snack. I spray their hands with this.  It is cleaning the germs from their hands… but they also breathe it in when I spray it… and it absorbs into their skin.

I use oils to clean our kitchen table, our counters… our sink. I have used the same surface cleaner recipe for years now… and it is by far the best cleaner I have ever use as well as the most frugal! Its a must.

I have also used EO to treat various skin conditions. Right now im treating a dry heel problem I’m having. I plan to blog that recipe soon btw…

I spray my hair with a blend of oils that promotes healthy hair.

I use EO in my skin care routine daily.

Any time my kid falls. I use Essential Oils to treat their cuts…

… and the list goes on. So many great uses. We no longer run off to the Doctor when our kid gets a cold. We treat it at home. While there is a time and place for Doctors… I have found such freedom in being able to treat my kids and my own problems in our home. Its a lot less stress… as well as cheaper. We don’t have normal health insurance.. so a trip to a Doctor for a sick visit could put us back $150.00. Its nice to be able to save that money and use an Essential Oil instead. Just use common sense. Doctors are amazing and great… and we all need them at some point. :)

I hope this post was helpful for some. I know its A LOT of information to read… trust me, this took me a while to type up…. and organize. I hope it helps others out there though. I try to organize all my post at the top tab on my blog too. So in the future if you need a recipe of mine, you could click that tab and hopefully it’ll be listed there. If not feel free to search using the search option at the top right hand side of my blog.

Feel free to e-mail me any time with questions you may have.

And another read you can check out to help you on your journey with Essential Oils….

New to Essential Oils? Start here

Also just a heads up.

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Disclosure: The above post contains affiliate links for Amazon & RMO. I was not paid to write this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Thanks for your love and support.

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  1. I transitioned our lifestyle to a non-toxic one about 4 years ago when I was doing research on treating my son’s ADHD without medicines. I switched our food first, then household products, personal products next and then makeup. I’ve used a diffuser for a year or so now but mainly to scent my home naturally and didn’t do much else with the EO’s. I recently made an acne treatment with coconut oil and several EO’s for my son. It worked pretty good and I recently purchased roller bottles to make him a blend for ADHD. I haven’t done it yet as I’m waiting for an order of oils. Needless to say, stumbling on your blog this AM was almost divine intervention as I wasn’t sure how else to use my oils. I LOVED this post, I will be clicking on all the links in this post. Thank you so much for sharing the information, you have a new subscriber. :)

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