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Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet for Men

A great way to diffuse essential oils. A mens diffuser bracelet

Last year I posted about a Diffuser Necklace I got You can read that post here. On a recent trip to Atlanta, I stayed with a friend who is really into Essential Oils… and as we went out one evening to dinner, I couldn’t help but notice her husband smelled really good (clean, crisp, natural, not sure how else to describe it haha). I asked her or maybe I asked him. What was that smell. I knew it had to be Essential Oils. He then showed me a leather braided bracelet he had on. The Bracelet was the diffuser! It was diffusing the Essential Oils from his wrist. I loved it. The leather absorbs the oils and it just keeps that smell with you throughout the day. Diffusing oils is really beneficial and I just loved the idea of my husband smelling like these oils. May sound weird but I would much prefer my husband smell like Essential Oils (manly, woodsy, crisp oils), than to smell like some sort of chemical cologne. That is just me, my personal preference.

Great ways to diffuse essential oils while you're away from the house or officeSo! I got home from that weekend and purchased my husband a Leather Diffusing bracelet from a website called Sacred Arrow Jewelry. It was the same site my friend got her husbands from. I ended up getting a coupon that saved me shipping cost. So it was only $15.00. Its a great quality and I’m glad I got it for him. The photo to the right and above shows the bracelet as well as my small diffuser necklace charm.

When the bracelet arrive it was very snug on my husband. My husband isn’t a little guy… so I had a feeling it would be. However, as he wore it and put oils on it, the leather softened up and got looser. It now fits him perfectly!

It looks great on him. It smells amazing… and more importantly, it has given my husband a little nudge into the world of Essential Oils. While he believes in them (He became a believer in the healing abilities of Essential Oils when I treated his Athletes foot a year or so ago. Read that post here), he also doesn’t naturally “Go towards” them for every day use. So I like that he does now.

Feel free to check out Sacred Arrow Jewelry. They have lots of great Diffusing necklaces, bracelets and more. I also really like their NAPE Diffuser Necklaces.

Also check ETSY. They have A TON as well. That is where mine came from. I really want one with a larger pendant for Christmas. This one is really pretty.

These would make GREAT Christmas Gifts for Dads. As well as Birthday/Fathers Day gifts.

If you have a favorite Diffuser Necklace or Bracelet, link me in the comments. I really would love to find some made for children. My oldest wants a braided one similar to his Dads.

Fun ways to diffuse essential oils while out.

Best way to get your Men to use Essential Oils

Disclosure: The above post is not sponsored. I purchased the bracelet for my husband with my own money. I was not asked by Sacred Arrow to write this post. Just sharing the love of a great product. :)

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  1. I love the Young Living oils and I have found a necklace diffuser that I used on DD I send it on her to school as they may not like me sending in the roller bottles. It was 27. and they even sent a bottle of Christmas Spirit along with it. I have diffused peppermint, valor and am going to try Focusing in along with valor I try different oils as she is ADD so hoping this will help her

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