Holiday Travels

We went out of town on Wednesday… and came back late Thursday. It was about a five hour trip. There and Back. So a total of 10 hours on the road with four kiddos in just two days. A lot :) – but it was nice to go visit Travis’ family for a little while.

We are back home… and staying busy prepping our home for the holidays. Doing some school off and on. Cooking. Baking. Crafts and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. 70’s in late November, ill take it!

Prayers for those who are struggling this holiday season. May it be with marriage, family, financial burdens, loss… infertility, depression, anxiety, heavy burdens… On days I struggle, I keep coming back to the Psalms… and loved this particular one to the right. “Show me the way I should walk.” Psalm 143:8

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