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Inexpensive Storage for Essential Oils

A very inexpensive storage idea for Essential Oils

If you’re not new to my blog, you have probably seem some of my storage ideas for Essential Oils. Well! When we moved to a new home, I lost some kitchen space… and while I love our new home, it just isn’t the ideal set up to have a large Essential Oil shelf displayed on the counter. You can see what that looked like HERE. I kept that shelf and may use it some where in the future but for the time being, I had to find a new spot to store my oils. I had a small thrifted box that did work fairly well, however, I needed more room. I have accumulated a lot of Essential Oils. This collection does not happen over night. Buy an oil here and there. Not all at once. Unless you’ve saved and have a lot to spend at once. It is an investment… but seeing as we very rarely go to the doctor, this is our medical care for almost all colds, ailments, cuts, etc….I am not anti-modern medicine or anti-doctor. Thankful for both! There is a time and place for oils, just as there is a time and place to be seen by a medical professional. So do use common sense when treating your family.

Rocky Mountain Oils also offers FREE Shipping on all domestic orders. So that helps with placing small orders throughout a year. For a while I was just buying “1” oil or two a month… and over time I built quiet the collection.

Really simple and inexpensive ideas for storing Essential OilsSo one night before Ladies Bible Study, I made my way to the local walmart in search of some sort of container to store my oils. As I was in the craft section, looking for some decorative tape. I came across a CLEAR tackle box. They had a HUGE shelf full of these… and the cost was under $5.00!I picked it up, knowing that even if it didnt work for my Essential Oils, I could very well use it for craft supplies or even make up. In fact, I like it so much, I may go back and pick another one up for those uses too! For the price, you can’t go wrong.

I was so excited to get home and put all my oils into the tackle box. Everything fits great. I have plenty of room for more oils too.

I am using my old storage box to store already diluted oils, blending supplies and labels.

I am also using my ETSY Travel Oil Bag still. I have diluted down all of our most used oils and placed them into this bag. This bag goes with us on any trips outside the home. While at home though I keep it out so that if the boys need a specific oil, this is where they go.

Inexpensive idea for storing your Essential Oils

I use ROLLER bottles for majority of my diluted down oils. It makes applying them much easier on children. Most of my roller bottles did come from a local place back in Atlanta called Bread Beckers. However, amazon has them too. I believe Whole Foods has a few options as well.

Thats it though. I think this works really well and hope others can find them at their local walmarts as well. If you can’t find one at your walmart (remember, look in the craft section). I did find this one on amazon that looked similar. It wasn’t as cheap though.

Inexpensive ideas for storing your Essential Oils at home and for Travel

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Disclosure: The above post does contain some affiliate links to Amazon as well as RMO. I was not paid or compensated in any way to post this post. All the opinions above are my own.

13 Comments on “Inexpensive Storage for Essential Oils

    1. Hey Maybelle, those are actually young living stickers. The “blend names” dont match RMO blend names, but I use them any way haha. So like for my Immune Strength diluted down roller bottle, I put Young Livings THIEVES sticker on it. They work really well so I dont mind that the names arent exact. For single oils like lavender, peppermint, etc… they do match tho. So its a good purchase. I think I got two sheets of stickers for like $2.50 from a friend who sells Young Living.

  1. These are some good ideas, which made me think of some additional ideas of my own that I figured I’d share! I recently got into essential oils about a year or so ago. Now, I’m beginning to aquire quite a collection of different oils, blends, infused products, different sized and colored glass euro topper bottles, quite a few rollerball bottles.

    Right now I have a nice corner glass tier table that has the rollerball bottles in a simply aroma 3ml 20 bottle display case on the 2nd to top shelf. Bottom biggest shelf has a simply aroma ultrasonic diffuser, a little cute metal mesh basket from target (it’s only like 2in × 2in fits like 4 bottles, &have 1 more basket on my nightstand with my very very most used oils that I might need at any moments notice) then I just have a 6oz bottle of sweet almond carrier oil and about 12 bottles of essential oils by Barefut and Jade Bloom just lined up taking up most of rest of shelf space. (my 2 absolute favorite brands now. I liked simply aroma but they were sooo expensive & I prefer not to deal with MLM companies. Barefut and Jade Bloom are really exceptionally priced and of the best 100% purity, as proven by GC/MS testing on EVERY batch of oils that come in. You can learn more at both of those websites. I apologize about going on because I am not here to advertise or diss any EO brand. You’ll see the point of me naming my different brands of oils in a second.)

    I have reused my empty simply aroma roller bottles once they’re finished and fill them with a little carrier oil and the rest whatever oil of my choice that I have available. I would take the simply aroma sticker and try to re label by writing the name of oil in sharpie on pink & black zebra striped duck tape which smudges or you can’t even read the color of writing in either gold or silver or blue or black. So after reading this article, your YL stickers gave me the idea to just use a label maker and make my own stickers to name all my roller bottles and caps of my other bottles without having to worry about the brand name!

    As for storage, I need a much better, more organized place of storage and an additional small portable accessory type storage/cosmetic like bag. I have 2 caboodles, but they are already full of makeup and I actually would prefer a case with a lot more separate sections that will keep the oils stay close and able to stand without falling over completely. I’d rather not have to store my bottles laying down for fear of leaks. And I want to be able to see and find each oil relatively quickly (which the labels are sure to help.) I am definitely going to check out different tackle boxes, cosmetic trunks, and cases in craft supply stores to see what there is out there for pretty cheap and hopefully matches what I want.

    Lastly, I think I may type up some sort of chart to show the main uses for each oil and how each can be used; as a little cheat sheet until I get more and more comfortable and knowledgeable about EOs.

  2. Did you know that when you run out of uses for that tackle box (for oils, make-up, etc) you can always use it to go fishing! Ha

    Thanks for the great tip! :)

  3. I love your idea for storing them and will make a trip to GT a tackle boxnext week. I am just getting into oils so do not know that much about them but don’t I need to store the oils in the frig once I open the bottle?

  4. I realize that I’m about 2 years late here, but do you by any chance have the name or model number of that tackle box? I love the idea! I have a small wooden box especially for essential oils, but since I’ve started my business, that won’t do anymore.
    I looked on the Walmart website, and nothing like that came up, or at least not for $5 or less.

  5. Do you have any ideas for storing large bottles of carrier oils. I recently kept them in a not-so-tall storage box, and they had to lie down, since they are taller 16 oz jars. Opening the box a day later, I noticed that some of the bottles leaked. The perfect storage for me would keep my essential oils and carrier oils – all in upright positions – in the same storage container, and keep as still as possible. Like, if the bottom of a multi-tray tackle box – like the one you have – was tall enough for the carrier oils, and the essential oils could go in the compartments. Now, I don’t know if there is a solution to my fairy tale dream, but maybe you have any ideas?

    1. I just keep mine under my bathroom sink. They are huge so keeping them out just doesnt work well for me. I have a number of carrier oils too in the larger sizes. So under the sink is just what works best :)

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