Why we love the Berkey

Why we use the Berkey Water Filter.

Our Berkey Filters lasted us many years. Why we love the Berkey Water Filter SystemI’ve mentioned the Berkey on my blog before… but its been years since I did a post explaining why we love ours. So today I will share a few reasons why we love our Berkey. We got our original “Big Berkey” back in Atlanta.. I believe in 2011. A friend of mine used one and I loved the idea of it, so we got the Big Berkey. There are a variety of sizes. Depending on your size family, you may or may not need one that large, or you may need one larger… For us at the time (a family of 5), the Big Berkey served us well.

However, after 4 years… our family has grown. Our kids are bigger. Water here is our main source of drinks. Our kids aren’t allowed to drink juices and sodas (unless its a special treat). So lets just say, we can go through a few gallons a day easily between us 6. So we recently upgraded to the ROYAL Berkey. Its about a gallon and 1/2 larger than the Big Berkey and so far we are very happy with it. I debated getting the IMPERIAL sized one, but I knew it be just a tad to big for my kitchen… so we passed on the largest size.

Not to long ago here in SC we had a horrible flood. One afternoon we got a little “plastic vile” in our mail box… and it said to put our tab water into this vile. I thought for sure this was from the city… to test the water, since in some areas of Columbia, SC, the water was unsafe to drink due to the massive flood. So I filled it up, placed it back in the mail box… and a few weeks later we got a call from a lady. She went on to tell us how our water was high in chlorine, some other mineral, etc.etc… She asked if they could come test the water again by one of their employees… and I said sure.

Well, I apparently am really gullible… This “test” was not from the city… but it was from a water filtering company in the area… called EPI? Something like that. The guy who came to “test” our water again was dressed nice… but didn’t look like a City Employee… My husband caught on pretty quick… and sure enough, it was a marketing ploy to introduce us to a water filtering system. This post is not meant in any way to knock this company (although I do think their method of getting into peoples homes is a bit dishonest). The guy who came though was very nice… He was not pushy with what he tried to sell us. He showed us a few things about our water that we didn’t realize… but while here we also had him test the water in our Berkey water and it passed test very well. Despite our Berkey having 4 year old filters, it still filtered out the chlorine. The young man left impressed by our Berkey :) and obviously we didn’t buy what he was trying to sell. That experience though made me love Berkey even more. The system they wanted to sell us was around $7,000. While their system filtered the ENTIRE house… that to us was just not worth the cost. I mean that cost almost as much as our car.

A post about The Berkey Water Filter and why we love it

A post about The Berkey Water Filter and why we love itWhen he left our home, I did tell Travis that I would love a bigger Berkey though… knowing that the Berkey passed the test and did such a great job, despite such old filters, we knew it was a product we would continue to support and use even more. So the next day after this man showed us his filtering system, we upgraded our Berkey to the larger one, haha… Our current Berkey had really old filters and they filtered super slow due to their age… (yet still worked). Because of this though we found ourselves out of water often. So we would ultimately need a set of new filters soon… so we decided it was time to just upgrade the entire unit to better suit our family.

We love the Berkey Water Filter system and while the initial price tag is high (at least I think so). Over time, it truly does pay for itself. We never have to buy water bottles. The filter last for years, vs months. For us, it was worth the investment and I think once someone gets a Berkey, they’ll never go back to any other method of filtered water. Here btw are some interesting statistics on the average most Americans spend per year on bottled water.

If you use the coupon code “ceramic5” at checkout it’ll save you 5%. Not a huge discount but its something. Also Berkey ships free on orders over $50.00.

Why we love our Berkey Water Filter and how it saves us money in the long run.

Disclosure: I was not paid to post this blog. I purchased my Berkey with my own money. The opinions expressed are my own. I love love love the Berkey. The above post does contain affiliate links.

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  1. I also love our Berkey and we have been using it for years too. The cost may come a bit higher than the average but it is a good investment. There’s no questioning when it comes to your family’s health and safety. In the long run, you would actually save in spending such amount to a reliable equipment than the treatments you would have from all the diseases you got because of your unsafe drinking water. Just saying.

    Great post by the way. Cheers!

  2. I remember that flood. I’m just up the road in Charlotte, so we were very aware of how bad it was. That’s a great story about the guy selling filters, and I’m sure you were glad to have the confirmation of how well your Berkey was serving you. We’ve had an Imperial Berkey for a number of years. It was the perfect size for our family of seven. The kids have all left the nest now, but my husband and I are still using it. We just don’t need to refill it as often. :) Do you use the fluoride filters with yours?

  3. We are pleased to see an honest review of our product like this.
    Our berkey products can remove bacteria, viruses, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, fluoride and other unhealthy contaminants without use of electricity.

    If you are interested, we have a laboratory test result for what Berkey can remove.

    Thank you for your love.

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