Decorating the Tree

The day after Thanksgiving, we kept with tradition and went out to get a tree with the boys. They love doing this. I snagged a few photos as they decorated the tree that night. Always precious to see.

This tiny “soft” plush tree my mom got us many years ago. We let this become “the youngest” childs tree… since its the least breakable haha… its held up very nicely to lots of loving abuse :) and is always a hit come Christmas.


We also got a small tree for the boys this year. This way they get their “color light” fix. :D


Travis as usual took charge of lighting the tree. Since hes taller, this helps. I don’t mind doing it but he always wants a tree much taller than me… so the job is on him.


Was fun to see the boys find small ornaments we got our 1st few years of marriage.
This was our 1st…


For those who have trouble letting kids decorate for you. I learn to let them have fun with it….What you fix later, they don’t notice. :)


I got this lantern from IKEA last time I went to Atlanta. I LOVE IT! Was under $5.



and the oldest did the honors. Star is hung.


I thought about writing a post about things we do at Christmas. I’ve written in the past about how we handle Santa in our home… and other traditions… but I do believe in some of my past post on these topics, I was a little harsh and judgmental with how I spoke about them. Funny how a few years will mature and grow you in these areas.

I love Christmas and I am thankful for another year.

I plan to do an updated post soon with wide angle shots of the entire room and final results.

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