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Homemade Sugar Scrub for Face and Body

3 ingredient home made sugar scrub. Makes great gifts!

I don’t know about anyone else… but during the colder months, I battle dry skin terribly. In a week or so we will head on a mini-vacation to a big indoor water park. I dread having to put on a bathing suit any time but I especially hate wearing them in the winter. My skin always looks patchy and dry… So with this pending trip, I knew I needed a sugar scrub to get my legs properly exfoliated. So I made up a homemade sugar scrub! This sugar scrub can be used on the face or body. I made two variations. One using regular “softer” grain sugar… and another using brown sugar, that has a rougher feel. They have 3 ingredients and are so easy to make. These also make great Christmas gifts.


Super simple 3 Ingredient Homemade Sugar Scrub for the face and body

Homemade Sugar Scrub for Face and Body



  1. Place all the contents into a glass mason jar (or container of choice).
  2. Shake well. (or blend together with a spoon)
  3. Then apply to body while in shower or bath. Thats it! :)
  4. Keeps for about 3 months

Super simple 3 Ingredient Homemade Sugar Scrub for the face and body
If you want to make a larger batch, here is another ratio for you to use.

3/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup oil. 4-6 drops Essential Oil. It is basically 1 part oil, 3 part sugar. You can make it as “thick/dry” or “liquidy” as you want it. I like mine to be a little more on the liquid side… SO if it seems to dry, I just squirt in a little more Almond Oil.

The DARKER batch I made is for the body. Using brown sugar. The lighter batch I used a softer white sugar.

The best way to mix it for me, was to shake it with a lid on it….

Super simple 3 Ingredient Homemade Sugar Scrub for the face and body
You could also use Coconut oil. The thing though with coconut oil is that it hardens at a cold temp… so I don’t think its the ideal choice. Sweet almond oil is great and fairly inexpensive. Jojoba oil would be another option.

If you use this on your face, DO NOT RUB hard… the face should be treated very tenderly… and never rubbed hard.

Really simple Sugar Scrub recipe. Only using 3 ingredients.

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