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How to put font on your pictures

How to put text onto your pictures in photoshop elements

I thought Id do a much requested walk through for everyone on how to overlay text / put (font) onto a picture. I do this often when I post recipes. It is a proven fact that if you use Pinterest to grow your blog, that post are pinned more often if there is text on the image being pinned. So its something I TRY to do as often as I can.

Its not hard to do once you learn… so hopefully this video makes some sense and is easy to follow. FORGIVE my whispering too btw… I’m not use to using a microphone on my computer and I was scared if I spoke to loudly it mess up. So I whispered. :)

Enjoy. Feel free to comment if you have any questions and do share the post if you enjoy. :)

Buy Photoshop Elements 14 (the new edition)
Or feel free to check out ebay and buy an older edition of Photoshop Elements.
The edition I am using is Photoshop Elements 9 for MAC.

Also for fun fonts. Check out 1001 Free Fonts. Its full of great free fonts!

If you like these types of walk through videos, do comment and let me know what else you’d like to see. :) Id be glad to make more.

disclosure: the above post contains affiliate links for amazon.

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