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Summing up 2015

ED9A0924Well, today is the last day of 2015. Hard to believe another year has gone by… It goes faster each year. Although in the midst of hard years, it doesn’t seem like it.

I am blessed to be where I am.

Thankful for the trials that have led here.

The growth we experience through them.


For the new adventure of living in a new state.

New home.


Building relationships in a new church.

and being able to continue being a stay at home mom to my four amazing boys. Working off and on in between when I can. Thankful for creative outlets and jobs available… yet so thankful I am home each and every day with these guys.


Thank you to the many who prayed for us this year as we transitioned from our Atlanta home. Who knew all the in between moments and the struggles I may have faced internally, after yet one more move. While I like to think I have held myself together well on my own. I know that the credit for it all goes to prayer warriors and much grace. I am a Pastors wife again… but I am far from perfect. I like to think my blog and the way we live, is evidence of imperfection showered with grace.


ED9A1064I am excited for 2016. Although I may not be excited to gain another year to my 30’s… or to see my oldest child turn 12. In only 8 years, he may very well be out of our home and off to college… Crazy! Those things are evidence of how quickly time is moving. Yet I am glad to see another year. A year with good health. Awesome kids, who grow me as I try to grow them. Memories with my husband and time together as a family. The pouring into a new church and excitement we look forward to as it grows and reaches the community.

2016 may bring more kids. We don’t know yet. :) We are open for it… although we aren’t sure if God will bless us with another pregnancy… or if adoption is the road He would like us to start. What I do know is that my plan to “be done by 30” – was just a plan. Gods plan is far better… and I would feel honored and blessed to welcome more. Even if it means more blue. haha.



Blessings to you and your family as you start 2016.

To end… a few giggles from my younger two boys enjoying a milk shake last night. Was precious to hear their giggles over something so simple. One thing I think we should all do in 2016, is laugh more. :) Worry less.

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