I am so behind on blogging… but wanted to put this video up before I forgot.
This was taken on New Years Eve. The boys shooting off fireworks.

I have been actively trying to film more videos… Its not my forte. I much prefer photography… but there are some memories I want “sound” and movement with… and so forcing myself to do more filming is important right now. They only stay little once.

For those curious the video was shot using a Canon 5D Mark 3. While I love this for my photography, it has been a lot harder to use for film. I have to manually focus the lens and with moving children this can become difficult. The quality of video though is fantastic. Fun to play with at times too.

The lens used is a 50mm 1.4 Canon Lens.

2 Comments on “Fireworks

  1. Try taking long still exposures and have the boys stand in one spot and write their name or make shapes like a heart or start or a spiral starting with a small circle and moving outward. You can get some really cool pictures. I also tried using a string of Christmas lights and having someone on both ends and twirling it like a jump rope or having them move it up and down like a snake.

    You can turn it into a sort of science experiment for mirror image, if they write their name from left to right how does it look or if they do it backwards from right to left, last letter first does it change how it looks?

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