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Life in Grams

Life has been busy… and I wont lie, I had a rough week last week. Battling some cold sores in my mouth, due to biting my lip pretty bad… and to add fuel the fire, seasonal depression just kicks my butt. Anyone who gets this, can relate.

Below are a few grams though from the week(s). If you are on instagram feel free to follow me there @dreawood – I do try to post there daily.

We seriously are the only ones here! ? perk of being a home schooler. Free admission too!

Our first trip to the SC Museum. Got to love that Homeschools get in free :)

Planetarium time. Only ones here still. ? we feel like VIPs.
Pretty sure we were the only people there. :)

Pictures can paint perfection. Yet. Sometimes despite a perfect moment capture, there are often struggles some of us often bottle up and never share. Can I be real. This trip as amazing as it was and cool that it was empty and we were like the only people

A common thing here. Sink full.

The reality of my morning. And.... The dishwasher is full. ?

Bike rides, happen daily, unless its rainy :)

It's ok to have days you feel rocked. Questioning choices and battling emotions. No one is above this or immune from it. Sometimes we have to just press into where we are now. Be content with changes we may struggle with... And know that God ms sovereignt

A visual of the “mouth sore” look.
I could not shut my mouth without shooting pain. NOT FUN. Toby kept me company…

Ending an evening with cat cuddles is comforting for some weird reason. ? I'm battling mouth ulcers too. Bit my mouth earlier in the week and now have two huge ones. Making it hard to shut my mouth. Not cool. It makes eating pretty miserable t

Reeds sweet friend Ada came for a visit all the way from Atlanta GA.

Reed also got to see his friend "Ada" who he secretly wants to marry. ???

It blessed my soul that they went out of their way to stop in.

A sweet friend back in Atlanta txted me this morning and said they would be driving through SC. They stopped in for a few hours and just hung out. Blessed me soul. Miss her. I needed that this morning.

One sunday morning recently, where Reed refused nursery. S
o him and I had some “chat time” before Sunday School.

Reed being unusually clingy. Crying and not wanting to go to nursery. Bless him. He has me wrapped around his little finger too. ?

Travis and I celebrated 13 years of marriage last week too.

Date night celebrating 13 years of marriage. Thanks mom and dad for baby sitting. ?

We went suit shopping :)

A sweet lady at church gifted Travis with some money to buy a couple suits. So here we are buying suits. The lady doing the alterations is so cute. Had to snag a photo to share with the one who gifted him with this. Knew she'd love to see. And I now want

I got to see another friend recently, from NC. Haven’t seen her in years.
She blogs over here.

Met up with a sweet friend of mine. Haven't seen her in years. We got rained on a lot ?but kids had a blast.

and yes, I wear that shirt a ton. Its a favorite! I got it from ThredUp!
Feel free to save $20 off your 1st order by using this link.
Pretty sure 1st time orders you save 40% too!

We started school back recently too. So busy busy busy.

Two downstairs working. One upstairs and Reed vegging. Bless him.

and naps have been a must :)

Pretty sure he has claimed my bed as his nap spot.

I even photographed a wedding last Sunday. My 1st yet since moving to SC.


You can view wedding photos HERE.

Hope everyone is well. I miss blogging!

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  1. Love the pics and thanks for sharing your beautiful life. Also, next time you get mouth sores, try alum… If you google it, it’s recommended for helping. I tried it last time I had really painful ones and it definitely worked. Have also used thieves but that time, only the alum worked. Hang in there! Love that you are focusing on the important things in life, though I do enjoy your blog and love your posts too!

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