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Reading Eggs a great Home School Tool

Why I love using Reading Eggs throughout our Home School Day

I have now home schooled my boys for the last 7 years (since my oldest was 5). My oldest is a 5th/6th grader. I also have a 3/4th grader and my youngest is in Kindergarten. In a few years I will have four to school, once my 3 yr old is of age. So you can imagine with a house hold full of 4 boys, all at different levels in school, that home schooling “everyone” at once, is easier said than done.

I am always looking for ways to make our day easier and Reading Eggs has been a great tool and addition to our home school routine.

Why I love using Reading Eggs throughout our Home School Day
After teaching two boys in Kindergarten, I have learned that each kid learns differently. Each kid learns at a different pace…. and we should never expect one to do things exactly the same as another. It is one reason I adore home school… I love the flexibility it allows. While I believe in a strong education… I also believe in an education that a child will enjoy. I do not want my children to feel defeated… I know without a doubt if Owen had been in a public school this year, next year he would have had to repeat kindergarten because of his struggle with phonics. He got math… he got writing… but he did not get phonics and was unable to blend words. It was so hard for him. Despite my pushing.
Why I love using Reading Eggs throughout our Home School DayOwen at 5, wasn’t completely ready. Like his older brothers, it just seemed as if something in his adorable 5 year old brain, would not allow him to understand phonics well enough to do the work completely. There have been days where I pressed into the “wanting” him to complete a certain task (out of my desire to move on and not repeat), despite his best efforts, the lesson would only end in tears and frustration.

I had to truly take a step back and focus on the things he was understanding and take it day by day.

No matter what happens this year, Owen can continue on with his kindergarten math. Next year do 1st grade math… yet if he needs more reinforcement in phonics for next year and has to repeat some, so be it. I am thankful he wont have to be faced with a “repeated” an entire Kindergarten year, but will be encouraged and taught no matter what “grade” level he may be on in certain subjects.

A friend of mine, also a mom of 4, introduced my to Reading Eggs. I immediately signed up for their FREE Trial and started Owen on it right away. HE LOVED IT!! I typically am not a huge fan of techie based educational curriculum… I’ve tried Time for Learning and a few others… but this one seem to hit the nail on the head… and Owen has flourished in just a few short weeks using this program.

He loves it so much that I find him going through the lessons without my even asking.

Why I love using Reading Eggs throughout our Home School DayI reached out to Reading Eggs recently and they wanted to give my readers a 4 week free trial. No other information is needed. No credit cards, nothing! You just sign up via the link below, use it for 4 weeks… if you like it, great, you can sign up from that point. The trial they offer to those who just visit their website is only 14 days…. so through my blog you get an additional few weeks.

To sign up go to this link:
http://readingeggs.com/drea/ – Remember, its free.

A typical school day right now for Owen (age 5) is that we do math (abeka). He loves math and most days we do 2 days worth, since he goes through it so quickly. We also do writing (hand writing without tears). He then does his lesson on Reading Eggs. I am also going through Explore the Code with him a few days a week.

I love seeing him excited about learning… and am very thankful to have found a supplemental curriculum for the remainder of this school year. Come this fall, we will re visit his typical phonics workbook and I guarantee if he keeps at the Reading Eggs lessons throughout the summer, he will pass the books with flying colors.

Why I love using Reading Eggs throughout our Home School Day

I was provided with a discounted subscription to facilitate this review. However, prior to reaching out to Reading Eggs, I signed up with the recommendation from a friend. I loved it so much I then reached out to Reading Eggs and was excited they wanted to offer an extended trial period to my readers. :) All the opinions expressed are my own.

3 Comments on “Reading Eggs a great Home School Tool

  1. What phonics book do you use? I did Abeka with my 9 and 7 year old girls but my 5 year old wasn’t ready for phonics yet. We’ve been using Readings Eggs for a few months. He loves it.

    1. Hey Emily, just the Abeka Phonic books. I believe they are called Language. I think the Kindergarten book says “Letters and Sound” but after K, it says Language 1, Language 2, and so on.

  2. I’m thinking I might sign Miriam up in fall. Having three to school, and two littles, it will be nice to have her do a little something independent. Her big sisters will be using the computer for Science (Easy Peasy All-In-One) so I’m sure she will be excited to get computer time as well.

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