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One of the hardest things for me, after the many moves we have had… is leaving friendships behind. One thing I earnestly prayed for when we moved back in 2007 to Eastern NC. Was for friendship. The Lord blessed me with many… I was so thankful.

The one thing it did though, was it made the leaving that much harder. I remember having a lot of bitterness towards our former church over it too. Those who do not know the story behind that, sit down and have coffee with us one evening. Its a long one. But to have to leave a home we loved all because of a few people, made it difficult for me. Lord worked on me though during those few years in Georgia. While we sat under the mentorship and counseling in the City of Refuge program. Lord knew we needed that… and now looking back on it, I am thankful for every single bump. Thankful for having to move. Thankful for the lessons learned. Thankful for the growth.

friendshipDespite all this though, I do still greatly miss friends back in NC.
As I do now miss friends back in GA.

I miss not being able to just go hang out on a whim.

I miss not being able to just go shopping with them when I got a night out.

I will never have those moments where these friends can just drop by and let the kids play… then go home.

All our times together will now be spent from a distance. Spending moments together, not every day moments, just segments and time we set aside to visit from a distance. Its one of those things that truly does stink.

One of my dearest friends Shannon who I consider my sister I never had :) – is one of those people I hate I live 4.5 hours away from. We met in the fall of 2010. Yet I had to move in the summer of 2011. We didn’t even have 1 full year of friendship together before I had to leave.

I have learned the friendships that bond together despite miles, are treasures.

Our children share memories together, while not daily, they still remember. They love the time they spend with one another… and while it will never be the same as living nearby. They are memories I treasure.

Moving is hard.

Love on those you know are new. Take them some cookies. Reach out to them. Show them care. Its not easy being the new kid in high school and it most def. isn’t any easier being the new “family” either…

Cherish the friendships you have now close and may one day have far.

Was so thankful to see not only Shannon this past weekend… but also our former Youth Pastors wife Aliesha and her sweet family. As well as my friend Kelly and her four kiddos. A sweet friend of mine Laurie dropped by with her family one evening at Shannons too. Always so fun to see her. All very special friends. I love being able to catch up with all of them even if its for a short period of time. I wanted to see many more… seems like theres never enough time to see everyone though. :(

Visits with friends. @feathersinournest last time I saw her she had two, now she's caught up with me. ?

More friendship reunions. ?

Regardless of distance. I am blessed. I am thankful. To have friendships that reach beyond distance is something some never do have. No circumstance is every perfect here. We cant expect it to be. Yet we can be thankful.

I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing. – Ezekiel 34:26

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