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Casper Bed Year Update Review

Casper Bed Year Update Review, great information about the Casper Bed and why you need one.

Who knew that my Casper Bed review from a year ago would get me so many questions about this bed. :) I get more questions about this bed than I can count. So! I thought all those curious about how I am liking the Casper Bed, now a year later… would find an update review post helpful.

I purchased the Casper Bed back in Feb 2015. I had photographed a few big jobs and had some extra cash for once… so after 12 years of marriage, I finally bit the bullet and bought us a King Bed. It had been a long time coming. Lots of moves, lots of babies later and we finally have the amazing space of a King… and to be perfectly honest, I don’t know how we slept without it, haha.

Casper Bed Year Update Review, great information about the Casper Bed and why you need one.You can read my full write up on the Casper Bed (written last Feb) HERE. Those who have not read it may find it helpful, as it explains why I went with Casper and what other bed I tried prior but ended up returning. Again that post is HERE.

Before we get started, here is the original unboxing video I did back on Feb 3rd, 2015. We had such fun filming this. It will give those unfamiliar with Casper an idea of how the bed unfolds and works.

Since purchasing the Casper we have moved twice. Once back in July 2015 to a temp. house on a farm. Then again in late August 2015 to the current house we live in. So we not only have used our Casper for over a year, we have also dealt with moving it, not once, but twice. All this to say… This bed is amazing.

I could not be happier with it.

It was worth every penny and I would recommend this to anyone.

In fact I brag on it way to much, some of my friends probably get tired of hearing how much I love this bed.

The ONLY negative that I have found so far to the Casper Bed is that it will ruin your ability to sleep anywhere else. :) Recently my husband and I traveled to a 5 star resort. If you must know the name of it, email me. I don’t want to give them a bad rep by speaking badly on their beds… Although to be honest, we are just spoiled by our Casper. I’m sure the resorts beds are incredibly comfortable to most, and they weren’t bad… just didn’t come close to the comfort of a Casper.

Both my husband and I when leaving the lovely resort, that we did enjoy our stay at… said to each other “I can’t wait to get back in our Casper.” haha… Him and I both had trouble sleeping.

So that is the one and only con so far that I have encountered.

So if you are looking for a great bed, at a reasonable price, without the hassle of shopping for a bed… and one with an unbeatable no questions asked return policy *try the bed for 100 days, if you don’t like it, they accept returns. You can read up on how that all works on their website, its super easy to return a bed…. but you wont want to ;-)*

Feel free to use this coupon for $50 off your bed. We used a similar coupon when we purchased ours last year. The frame our King sits on I mention in the original review. Feel free to check out all that information here. Bedding for those curious came from Home Goods. Pillows from TJMaxx. We’ve had them since the purchase of the Casper.

Since the 1st review was written, I did get some Casper Sheets. They are divine. I was gifted them though. Our wallet would not have allowed us to purchase them otherwise… but I will say they are the nicest sheets I have ever used. I feel spoiled every time I get into bed.

A year update on the Casper Bed. Why I love it and think every couple needs one.
I hope this update review is helpful for those who were curious how we were liking the bed.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions. Thanks so much.

Disclosure: Casper did not pay me to write this review. The above post does contain some affiliate links.

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