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Happy 6th Birthday Owen

Another year has gone by and our sweet Owen is now 6.
We kept it simple as usual. For Owens birthday we took him to the Isle of Palm for a beach trip. Then had family over for cake/ice cream. He was all smile.

He blesses us and we are so thankful for him.

A few fun facts about Owen.

1. He is 3 years younger than his older brother Taite (who is now 9). Yet there is only a 5 lb difference between the two! They are most def close in size. Wont be long and he may pass Taite in height and weight. Owen was also my biggest baby (at over 8lbs), so it doesnt surprise me hes a good size for 6.

2. Owen has lost 2 teeth! Both on the bottom. He was my earliest to lose his first tooth. My other two older boys didnt lose any until age 6.

3. Owen is probably my most laid back. I think it comes with being a 3rd born.

4. He still loves to cuddle. My oldest who a lot of people say Owen favors, doesn’t. Never has really. Owen though, he is all about it. I love cuddles for O :) Hope he never grows out of that.

5. His nick name from me is most definitely “O” :)



Hard to believe hes so big now.



He requested an ORANGE and yellow cake :)



Toby of course joined the party.








Owens so sweet, he picked out something for his Birthday, just to give it to his Brother Taite.



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  1. From pictures I have seen, your “O” looks like your hubby!! Happy 6th B-Day to him. I love the age of 6.

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