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DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Less than a PENNY a bottle to make. Great DIY Foaming Hand Soap recipe using Essential Oils

For a very long time now, I have been making my own Surface cleaner … so one day while cleaning the kitchen. A DIAL Foaming Hand soap bottle of mine ran out… and I thought to myself, I wonder if I can use the same stuff I put in my surface cleaner, to make a DIY Foaming hand soap using my same bottle…

So I began experimenting and sure enough, you can! Its so much cheaper, more effective and very easy to make.

Less than a Penny to make per bottle. This is a great DIY Foaming Hand soap recipe every Essential Oil user needs to make.Before I get to the recipe. Lets talk cost.

You can go to Dollar Tree and get a Generic brand of Soap for $1.00 a bottle. Not bad and I think you can actually get it cheaper at Walmart, for like 88 cent a bottle. What does it cost to make this soap though?

If you buy your Castile soap from Amazon for $18.40 – 32 ounces.

The recipe below uses 1 tsp of Castile Soap. There are 6 teaspoons in every one ounce.
So one bottle of Castile Soap would make 192 bottles of soap.

The Cost would end up being about .1 cent per bottle.

Add in the cost of the Essential Oil (Orange Oil cost $8.50 a bottle), you would still pay less to make this soap, than you would buying your soap from Walmart or Dollar Tree. Its INCREDIBLY inexpensive to make and just as effective.

I know that my recipe below features OLOGY Castile Soap instead of Dr. Bronners Castile Soap (I had it on hand and was out of Dr. Bronners, so its featured in this post, but if you want my opinion, Dr. Bronners is the best, so when you can, buy that instead, but if you can’t find it, Walgreens Ology is a close second.) – Dr Bronners btw is a concentrated soap that is biodegradable, versatile and effective. It is made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients, packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle. In other words, its awesome. :)


DIY Foaming Hand Soap



  1. All you need to do is fill up your foaming soap bottle that is empty with some distilled water. I use our Berkey water filter water, but you can buy just a gallon of distilled water and keep it under your sink for when you need it. Its cheap.
  2. You then fill that up with the water.
  3. Add in a teaspoon of Castile Soap.
  4. 8 drops of Orange Essential Oil
  5. Shake it up and that is it!
  6. It works great and cleans so well.

So why use Orange Oil?

Well you could use a number of oils… but I went with Orange because it not only cuts grease down really well… but it is also great at killing germs and smells wonderful. Its one of those oils that just brightens your day. A great oil to have on hand.

Other oils you could use are Lemon Oil (just be careful using this one in Plastic bottles, as it tends to mess with plastics some, its best to use lemon oil in glass bottles). Purify would be a great one for hand soap, Tangerine and even Citrus Blend. If you love Lavender (I do!) you could even make a Lavender scented soap.

SUPER simple Foaming Hand Soap you can make using 2 ingredients. Making the cost less than a penny a bottle!

For the next 10 days or so Rocky Mountain Oils (where I buy all my Essential oils) is having a cleaning sale! All their cleaning oils are marked down. Some as much as 20%. You can view all the oils on sale OVER HERE. Or by clicking on the banner below. Feel free to comment with any questions :) – I truly hope you enjoy this recipe. I sure have.

Remember, RMO always has FREE Shipping too, on all orders.

*Disclosure: The above post contains affiliate links to amazon and rmo. I was not paid to write this post. All the opinions above are my own.

3 Comments on “DIY Foaming Hand Soap

  1. So cheap!
    Do be careful using citrus oils because they are photosensitive, any residual left on the hands can cause burning if out in the sun.

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