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Drops of Joy Essential Oil Jewelry *giveaway*

One of the prettiest Essential Oil Necklaces I've seen! So affordable too. Why all Essential Oil users need one.

Those not new to my blog, know that I love Essential Oils. I’ve spoken a few times about jewelry for diffusing oils. There are lots of options out there and today I am super excited to introduce you to Drops of Jewelry.

The benefits of Essential Oil Jewelry and how to use them. A great source!Drops of Joy Jewelry reached out to me a few weeks ago. The name intrigued me and once I looked at their site, I was so glad they reached out. Their jewelry was absolutely beautiful and so well priced. I don’t say this often but I found their signature starburst diffuser locket to be the prettiest I had seen to date. Not only the prettiest, but when the package came to my house containing one of these, I was even more pleased to feel how well made it was. It is a heavy (not cheap!) 316L grade stainless steel. It will not chip. It is not stainless steel coated. It is the real deal and I think any woman would be thrilled to have one of these, even if they didn’t diffuse oils. Its just lovely.

Really pretty Essential Oil Diffuser at an affordable cost. Also a great list of oils to diffuse while wearing one.

I got the longest chain length they had. 22 inches long. I love a long necklace. I find they elongate me a bit, since I’m on the short side… but I also just like the bohemian feel of a longer chain. I was a bit concerned that the length may hinder my ability to even smell the oils but sure enough, its very easy to smell them at this length. So you could go with a shorter chain or longer and this necklace would work well either way.

One of the loveliest Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace I've seen. Very affordable tooDrops of Joy also offers a variety of designs. Not only necklaces, but items for kids and men.

So if you are in the market for a diffuser necklace, braclett, bangle, etc… check out Drops of Joy.

Big thank you to Drops of Joy Jewelry, who will be giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to their store over on my instagram today.

So hop on over to Instagram @dreawood – and be sure to check out the details there. It should be under a photo of myself wearing the necklace. :)

Also be sure to take advantage of a 20% off discount using THIS LINK.
Discount can go towards anything on their store.

Stunning Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces and more, some of the prettiest I've seen and at the best price!

When applying these to your diffuser necklace, all you need is 1 drop each. Some times the blends with a few different oils can be a bit strong. So apply the oil to the pad your necklaces will come with (or leather bracelet) and allow the oil to sit a minute before wearing it. The scent will truly last days!

Re-apply to the pad as needed. The Drops of Joy necklaces come with several pads in your package. So you can use them for different things. I totally reuse mine for different things once the scent wears off.

A great printable list of oils to use in diffuser necklaces or even ultrasonic diffuers.

The benefits of wearing a diffuser necklace and how to use oneBelow are the blends mentioned above and links to where you can purchase them:

I get all my Essential Oils from Rocky Mountain Oils. All their oils are certified. Feel free to read up as to why I shop through RMO HERE.

Seasonal AllergiesLemon, Peppermint & Lavender
Uplifting SpiritYlang Ylang,Grapefruit and Mandarin
Colds Immune Strength or you can do a blend of Clove bud and Cinnamon
AnxietyTranquility, Peace & Quiet or Calming
DepressionBergamot, Ylang Ylang & Lavender

To end, do check out this post, written by a fellow blogger. I do not know her but I enjoyed her post on the benefits of diffusing oils. There are so many! She uses a different type of oils than I do but her post is spot on. :)

Remember – save 20% with my store discount, by clicking here.

Disclosure: The above post contains affiliate links to RMO. This in no way affects my opinions. I was provided a necklace to showcase on this post but as I do with all my reviews, I post honest, real reviews and hope those reading appreciate them. I do not fluff them over. :) I only post reviews on things I love and I’m honest when I don’t like something. Now men, go shop and buy one of these awesome necklaces for your wife this mothers day. She will LOVE IT!

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  1. Wow, this is such a cool idea! I have seen jewelry that diffuses scents with beads but never with eo. It’s great because you can change the scent. Love this!

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