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Mom’s Gift Guide

Mom's Gift Guide - a guide to gifts that every woman should give her spouse.

I don’t know about any one else, but my husband has the hardest time buying gifts for me. It is one of those things that caused lots of arguments our early years in marriage but now almost 14 years in, we have learned communication is key. Not all men are great at giving gifts and some times they need help. So I thought it be fun before Mother’s Day gets here this year, to type up a super simple “Mom’s Gift Guide” – for all the ladies reading to pass onto their husbands or family or children even. :) Cause lets face it, we’d much rather get something we actually want, than something we have to pretend to like.

I will feature shops from etsy below, bigger chain stores, not so big chain stores, vegan companies, not so vegan and so forth. So a pretty wide variety. :) Be sure to comment or instagram me some of your favorite products and shops! I love discovering new things. Thanks everyone.

I hope you find this helpful.

540511_426990630673856_162879455_nJo Tote Camera Bag – I have the lovely Gracie bag by Jo Tote. Travis got it for me last year. It is lovely.

It not only looks beautiful, but functions well and didn’t break the bank. It has held up very well and I could not be happier. I take this with me any time I have to carry my SLR Camera. I have also used it as a diaper bag/camera bag. It could also function well as an every day larger purse, to house not only a camera but tablet or even smaller laptop. Any lady who loves carrying her camera around or techie gear, yet hates the look of a traditional techbag, needs a Jo Tote.




Nautical Lilac
logoGoat Milk Stuff – A family run business who sells the most amazing goat milk soap! I’ve used their soaps for many years now and find them to be some of the best natural soap out there. They are fantastic and great for those with sensitive skin.

She has a variety of other products too. Shopping there makes you feel good too. Knowing it helps run this family business and blesses them, really encourages me to share more about them when I get the chance.

If you join her newsletter, she often emails out coupons for free shipping too and sales.





Wreaths By Nia

index2Wreaths by Nia – I met this lovely mom thanks to the power of social media. Some of you may know her from the viral video of the good looking couple singing frozen. Nia and her family vlog daily on youtube. They are an adorable Christian family with 2 kiddos, Abram & Symphony (3rd *baby Juliet* due very soon!). I love how honest they are with their faith and genuine with their failures and struggles. They are a lot of fun to watch.

Nia and I connected on instagram and have enjoyed getting to know each other a bit more. Nia makes GORGEOUS personalized wreaths from home. In between the house work, taking her oldest to school, taking care of a toddler and everything else that comes with being a SAHM, she really enjoys running her wreath business. If she is anything like me, being able to do something she loves, all the while providing for her family, not only blesses her family as a whole, but her spirit as well. Moms deserve much praise for all they do. Any mom who can run a business at the same time they manage a home, should be proud.

Be sure to check her shop out on Etsy, as well as facebook. Nia is also on instagram.

12654517_566422980205537_5281163062251046094_n 2index
She can make you a personal wreath for more year round use. Or if you want something special for the 4th of July, Easter, Christmas, etc… she can do that as well. She also make really fun sport wreaths. Something I am sure the dads can appreciate too. :)



sunshinebronzer_productbox_webDusty Girls – This is a Natural & Vegan make up line I was introduced to many months ago. I have since tried out a number of their products. I am a pick and choose kind of gal when it comes to make up. So I don’t own all one brand or type… but a few things that I loved from this shop, was their vegan bronzer. Its a generous size and works not only for my bronzer but also shadow. I have been using it for my lid and bronzing. Its matte, yet has a slight shimmer (in a good way). It goes on velvety and is a great quality. I also really enjoyed their vegan lip gloss and shadows.




Drops of Joy Jewelry I just did a feature on this company a few weeks ago but had to include them. Perfect piece of jewelry for those into Essential Oils. I own their starburst design featured in the above image. She has a variety of different designs to pick from and is well worth checking out.


Mom Essential Oil Kit – You all know I love essential oils… and I believe any mom who is even remotely interested in EO’s would love getting this kit. If your wallet doesn’t allow you to purchase this for your wife/mom/loved one, you could totally just buy a bottle of one great synergy (blend) and they’d be happy either way. I don’t think you could go wrong with buying the Tranquility blend, Calming, Peace & Quiet or even just plain Lavender. All of those are just lovely oils women love!


Morphe Brushes – You can never have enough brushes! I though, absolutely hate going into places like Ulta… or Sephora (call me weird… but I just do not like those stores, plus they seem more expensive) I do still wear make up some though and one thing I love are good brushes. If you use make up, Morphe is a great source for all sorts of brush sets. They have a great selection.




Mint and Birch- If you’re a dad looking to buy your wife a personalized necklace with your kids names, wedding date, special date, mama, amore, whatever it may be. Mint & Birch has a great selection. They also carry the adorable bird nest necklaces that so many moms love.

Mint and Birch was started by a mom and I just love her style.

Her prices are fair and you really can’t go wrong with any piece from this store.

So skip hallmark this year and try M&H. :)






51m3PFeZL+L._SX522_Hydrea London Dry Brush – Now before you go and purchase this for your wife… Please don’t just buy a brush and let that be it. :) This should go along with maybe some awesome organic lotion, or body wash… a favorite soap bar, pretty gift basket with other goodies. Don’t just buy “a dry brush” and think “she’ll love this!” cause I assure you, one brush, wont cut it. May be slightly offensive by itself. But dry brushing has many benefits and this ones a great one! If you’re wife is into natural body and care, she’ll love a good dry brush.





Pacifica Products – You can find Pacifica brand at any Target… they are a little expensive but they are the type of product that if put into a gift basket for your loved one, they’ll enjoy it. I’ve used a handful of the Pacifica brand products and have been pleased with all of them. Amazon sells a few as well but I’m pretty sure they are cheaper at Target.



static1.squarespace.comHOME Apparel – I saw this a longggggg time ago on Shark Tank but even before Shark Tank, I had photographed a sweet friend of mine who was moving to Texas. Prior to the move she got HOME shirts with the texas state on it. I thought it was an adorable idea and I loved how they looked. A really fun personal item you can give. You can get a number of personalized items here too. Not just shirts. They also sell mugs, glasses and more. Even baby onesies!





Casper Bed – This is for the big spenders out there. Imagine how thrilled your wife woudl be though, if she opened the giant casper box and then got to sleep on an amazing bed this Mothers Day. (They have a 100 day no risk trial too, you can’t go wrong.)

I have owned a Casper Bed for well over a year now. I purchased it after saving my pennys back in Atlanta… and it was worth EVERY PENNY!! This bed is amazing and has changed our sleep habits for the better. My husband and I cannot imagine our bedroom without it. [feel free to read my year in review on the bed and see our unboxing video] If you use this link, it’ll save you $50 off your bed too.

& to end, a techie product & a list of some “practicals”….

I have truly enjoyed my Kindle Fire 7 inch Tablet – It was under $50 and works so well. I use to own an iPad2, but my kids have taken it captive and I am no longer able to use it. (yes they won). Despite going from an iPad to a Kindle, I can’t say I miss my iPad. I am just as content with the Kindle. I would say the ONLY thing I do not like about it, is that the Instagram app does not allow you to use its on the tablet. (amazon you need to fix this!) You have to download a off brand type app that uses Safari to view your instagram, which is fine… but a tad annoying. Besides that, I like it very much… and for the price, you can’t go wrong. Also I got my case for it off amazing for a fraction of the cost as it cost in a best buy.

and…. to end. A simple bullet list of items you really can’t go wrong with. Most of them found at any department store.

  • Soy Organic Candles
  • A basket of lovely bath items. Don’t make us smell like your mothers please. [we love you MIL’s]
  • A new study bible (if this was something you know we wanted)
  • A journal, hard back, pretty, nothing plastic.
  • A set of cute pens to team with the journal.
  • Fun Travel mug.
  • NICE water bottle
  • A night out
  • Panera Gift Card or card to favorite spot to eat.
  • Something cute for the kitchen. *Try TJMaxx, or Home Goods*
  • Gift card to favorite clothing store (Please don’t buy me clothes)
  • Anything from Target (hahaha)
  • World Market goodies. Soaps, dishes, pillows, throws, jewelry, frames, decor…
  • No Naked massages – I loved a massage, I don’t so much love getting naked for one.
  • Adorable Tote bag (ask her bestie on print ideas)
  • Lotions
  • Favorite snacks. But not so much that she feels fat.
  • Dark Chocolate.
  • More Chocolate.
  • Gift bag with Chocolate. :)

and… I think that about covers it.

Besides one small gift, that doesn’t even have to be an actual “wrapped gift….” Instead of giving her flowers that may die…. or chocolates. Try cooking her an amazing meal. Speak to your children about making that day super special for Mommy. Have the kids write adorable notes… cater to her every need. Don’t let her clean the kitchen. Don’t let her cook a meal. YOU cook the meal for her. Pamper her and enjoy quality time together as a family, without laying the responsibility of making it all work on Mom. For that special Mothers Day, make her feel cherished and appreciated for all she does. THIS is a gift that any mom would appreciate. We as moms don’t take much to please (at least I dont)… a gift from any of the above places would be lovely and nice and sometimes needed. Trust me, no mom ever says no to sweet and thoughtful gifts… but a well thought our “day” is just as precious.

I hope you all found this post helpful.

Remember, there is no shame in being direct with your spouse in regards to gifts. Take it from someone who has been there, done that. Building walls in our marriage because we “feel” our husbands should just know what to get us… and putting expectations on them, because so and so has a husband who is amazing at giving gifts, is wrong of us. We should not compare… and we should not expect our spouse to be like another. Our spouses have their strengths and weaknesses… who are we to not encourage and help. :) Its well worth it… cause resentment and bitterness have no place in a marriage. So ladies, pass this list onto your husband, pin it, print it out. Circle what you like and don’t like… and encourage them directly haha…I can promise you, they’ll appreciate the help.


Disclosure: The above post contains some affiliate linking. I was not paid to write this post. All the opinions expressed above are my own.

One Commnet on “Mom’s Gift Guide

  1. This post made me laugh out loud =) I can remember early in our marriage I was almost afraid to open a gift from my hubby….I never knew what was in the box ;) However, you hit the nail on the head…COMMUNICATION. We will celebrate 26 years of marriage and I don’t know where in the process where this became easier. But we need to listen to our spouses…and mine has gotten real good at it….I must admit, maybe better than myself. I just celebrated a birthday and he put much thought into what he surprised me with…both gifts he had heard me talk about. I need to remember this the next time I get frustrated with him, right!! Good post.

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