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Super Simple Fitness and Health Tips for Moms

Super simple fitness & health tips for the busy mom. Super practical any mom can do these things.

Before I start this post, let me first say that I am one, not a doctor. Two, I am not a health professional… however I am a mom of four boys (within 8 years) who has seen first hand the importance of staying active and feeding our bodies well.

I have had my share of seasons where I did not invest in myself with my choice of foods… or fitness activity and during those seasons I struggle with my energy. I battle depression… I just over all did not feel that great. There have been times though within my years of having babies, where I truly did not have it to give. I think all of us will face those seasons and that is okay and perfectly normal. When you are a sleep deprived mom feeding a baby at midnight, 2am and again at 5 or 6am… then getting up by 7am to tend to other kids. TO muster up ANY energy to do much more than feed your kids and get dressed, is almost impossible. Give yourself lots of grace during those seasons and know its okay!

There are also seasons where you are busy with the kids school. You may be working a part time job or full time, in between being a mom, keeping a home and so forth. You may be relying on fast food to feed your children and you may have a pantry full of convenient food that you know deep down isn’t all that healthy, but you go with it any way, because its all you have to give right now. That is okay! Been there!! In fact, Im just coming out of a season of this.

With our two moves last year, I got so slack with feeding our family well. I didn’t work out for probably 8 months. Nothing. Not even walking. My workout out for me was doing laundry and wiping kids butts. :)

I was buying prepackaged frozen meals. We went out to eat more than Id like to admit. I was slack on making my kids drink water… and I myself had an addition to diet coke that I hate to even admit! (diet coke is absolutely addictive and if you struggle with this addiction, know its very real and more common than you know. There’s a reason its addictive… its made to be and its so bad for us… but even knowing its bad, it is hard to say no when you’re body wants it – been there!). I have to be intentional with my choices and what I feed myself and my family… but I also have come to an understanding that when we do less and we have to rely on things we’d rather not, that there are things we can do to help balance both sides… and help us to stay on track even during those harder seasons. I will mention that briefly below….

So I am hoping this list will help encourage you all with some every day practical tips… that you as moms can do along with me, to better yourself and your family.

So here goes :)

1. DRINK WATER – This is the easiest thing you can do for your health. Water has been shown to….

Maintain a healthy body weight
Properly digest food and absorb nutrients from food
Have healthy, glowing skin
Decrease muscle and joint inflammation
Have better circulation
Detoxify your body naturally

– An easy tip to keep your water intake going throughout the day. ALWAYS Keep a water bottle with you. I take my water bottle (a stainless steel one that keeps my water cold) with me at all times. I take it to church. I take it in the car. I have it beside my computer. I even take it to bed, so its there if I wake up and need a drink. You can find affordable options for water bottles everywhere too. TJMaxx has great ones, even walmart has an impressive selection. Buy yourself a fun bottle that will help motive you to drink more. If you want to know how much you need to drink. Take your body weight and divide it in half. That number in ounces is what you should drink daily. :)

– Your kids too btw. If they see you carrying a cool water bottle, you better believe they’ll want to imitate it. I got all my boys water bottles so they can do this too. Every single one of my boys drinks water daily… and it is what they drink 90% of the time.

Simple TIPS at staying healthy even for the busy moms2. Try and do 15 MINUTES of EXERCISE. – Easier said than done right? Trust me, I know. One thing that has been helping me is having accountability. I follow a number of people on instagram that encourage me with their post. One of my favorite is (Caleh_fit – a worship leader who is bold about her stretch marks and weight loss, posting daily inspiration and even videos with tips – well worth following her!) Also my best friend Shannon, shes into fitness as well, so talking to her every other day about what shes done and I’ve done helps me to stay motivated. If you don’t have any friends into fitness, join an accountability group on facebook. If you don’t have one, I do… you’re welcome to join mine (just shoot me a message on facebook and ill add you). We just post daily routines we do and what we’re struggling with, etc..etc… Its been a good group to be in, I hope it is helpful to others as well.

– ALSO – If you’re new to working out. GO BUY A FUN OUTFIT!! This encourages me to workout. Dressing in something cute yet functionable, total extra incentive. If I pay for something, even if its just a pair of shots and a tank, it encourages me to do something. Danskin at walmart has a great line. Affordable too. Also Old Navy has some cute stuff and even Target. I have gotten a few things from TJMaxx as well.

3. USE YOUTUBE! – For workouts I use youtube right now. I tried Daily Burn (sorry, didn’t like it – plus it wasn’t free, I’m cheap). Youtube is great! I can watch it on my phone or my desktop. Some of my favorite workout channels are…

Fitness Blender
(all time favorite, their HIIT routines are my go to)

Pop Sugar FitnessThis arm routine is one of my go to’s. I try to do it a few times a week.

4. FEED YOURSELF REAL FOOD – If you can’t read the ingredient, its probably not real. :) This is the hardest I think out of all the above to do. It is SO EASY to just grab something convenient. It truly does take effort to eat healthy… but when you do it, you really do feel better. You’re not going to battle the fatigue you feel after a meal, if the food you are eating is real. You’re going to feel satisfied longer if you’re feeding your body real food, than if you ate something processed or laced with sugar. Your body and your family is so worth the effort… so yes, I know its hard… and it isn’t fun to some… but give it a go and see how you feel. I

– One way recently that has helped me to ensure my children are getting all their servings of fruits and veggies, is by giving them Juice+ – I talked a little bit about this on instagram… it was one of those things that I swore Id NEVER do. I “was” very much ANTI-MLM (multi-level marketing). I don’t like the concept… and I didn’t like the idea of upped prices, because others sold the product for the company. After hearing from a friend about this and how all stores mark things up, anywhere things are sold… the only difference is that we as distributors are that store… it made a lot of sense once I really sat down to look at it and also when I broke the prices down, the prices weren’t to off.

You all know me, I research… and research… and research….

I went back and forth between Juice+ and a “alternative” company called Juice Festiv sold at Costco and SAMS. I read reviews from those completely ANTI-Juice Plus… to those on the fence. I read amazon reviews about both companies… and way to many blogs to admit to reading… I watched videos on youtube… I read labels. I even calculated cost differences between both companies as well as the cost differences between other supplemental companies that were some what comparable (although not really) I wanted to make sure I was getting something worth giving to my family.

why we as a family take juice plusAfter going through literally, MONTHS of sickness (My kids could not get well! – oddly enough this season followed months of poor food choices… that was absolutely my fault and I saw first hand what it can do to our childrens immune systems and even behavior), I made the decision to sign up under my friend Nichole and start taking Juice+. Initially I wanted to go with the cheaper company from Costco… but what I could not get beyond was the 30+ years Juice Plus had vs. this new company Juice Festiv that had no research. Juice+ has over 20 publications in medical journals (this is not something you can buy your way into). They had clinical trials you couldn’t ignore… and I just felt more comfortable giving my children and possibly using this as a prenatal (if we have more children), than using Juice Festiv, that had none of the research to back up their claims or product. I also really didn’t like that Juice Festiv put synthetic vitamins in addition to the fruits and veggies, as well as soy and whey. Neither of those I wanted… So yea, lets just say. I’ve researched this til I was almost sick of looking at it. :) What also sold me was that Juice Plus gave every adult who signed up, one child free. They were the only company I could find with a GUMMY option like this. No other company I found came close…

I even watched videos on youtube about people healing their bodies from some serious medical conditions. One lady had MS and was on over 10 prescriptions!! She started Juice Plus and is now on ZERO meds. Some of the medications the Doctors had her on were causing her to go into liver failure! Had she stayed on that path, her life and the quality of life she lived, would have been very poor. Juice Plus changed her life.

I’ve been on it for 3 months now and love it. So much so that I am getting it for all my children. I initially only got it for Reed, since he is my pickiest eater (he loves the gummys!)… but the more I looked at what my kids ate, even when eating real food, they just did not eat enough veggies or fruit. I remember I counted in a day what my oldest ate in the area of fruits and veggies and he ate “1” serving of both, that is it! For the entire day. It wasn’t that we didn’t have it… its just that we as Americans don’t seem to eat it the way God intended us to do so. We are to quick to grab the bread… or cheese… or chips. Its so much easier to snag a brownie or a bowl of trail mix. Majority of us do not naturally turn to raw fruits and veggies… So even if we go through seasons when we don’t eat well, I can at least know my boys are getting all their servings of fruits and veggies every single day.

In short for a more professional overview of what Juice+ actually is..

“The Juice Plus product is a whole food based nutrition supplement which includes juice powder from 17 different fruit [Here is a video showing how Juice Plus is actually made], vegetables and grains. It’s designed to deliver phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body to help reduce oxidative stress, support the immune system, protect DNA and assist in cardiovascular wellness. Most of us don’t get the chance to eat enough fruit and vegetables, and using the Juice Plus supplement can help solve that problem”

Since being on it I have noticed more energy. I have noticed less cravings for things like Diet Soda, that I mentioned above I struggled with… My hair, nails are growing like weeds. My nails prior to getting on this were brittle and never grew. Now I keep having to cut them. :) My hair that seemed to be getting thinner with age. It is now thicker (noticeably so!) than its been in a very long time. My skin even seems to have more of a glow and over all feels better. Those are things I didn’t even anticipate or sign up wanting… It is just more evidence that has proved to me that our bodies truly do need Fruits and Vegetables… and Juice+ is like nothing else on the market. It is not synthetic… it is just REAL FOOD in a capsule.

I am not a distributor yet for Juice+ (yet) but with my next order I will be… so if you do want to sign up and try it feel free to contact me. This is my friend Nichole’s Juice + Page where you can read more about it. Once I sign up as a distributor I will have a page too, but shes my go to right now. :) Id be glad to send you more information on it.
There is also no obligation to ever stay with them either. So it is something people can try and if it doesnt work for them, you don’t have to stay on it. You can e-mail me at info[at]

Ok, that was way to long!!

– This is a biggie for me. I think to go in debt over the fact you feel organic is the only way, is wrong… and is not the way God would want us to feed our family. If shopping organic is making it so you have debt, then stop. It obviously is best if you can buy a good majority of Organic produce and meat, but it is not a requirement to be healthy.

I shop ALDI weekly. They have amazing prices… but also a good balance. They offer organic produce but they also offer regular produce that IMO is so much better and fresher than neighboring stores. They have great options for snacks as well. Gluten free options. Sprouted Breads (at the fraction of the cost). Great prices on spices too. I get 90% of our spices there. :)

– This is key. If you do not make these habits a part of your daily desire and life… it wont happen. There are no quick fixes... and there are no automatics. You have to be intentional….

Any of the above should never be a bondage…

You should never obsess.

You should never become so committed to something that it hinders your relationships.

It should be enjoyable and fun too. While the initial adjustment to doing any of the above may not be enjoyable, it does eventually. I love eating healthy now. I love workout out (most days haha – I have my off days). I enjoy feeling good…. I love knowing what I am feeding my kids is good for them. It does become a joy, in time…

I hope this post helped encourage… I hope it made some sense. :)

If you have a favorite youtuber you follow btw for fitness, do comment and let me know!

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Disclosure: The above post contains some affiliate linking. I was not paid to write this post. All the opinions are my own.